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Raynaud's Colour Changes

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I have had blue fingers before and freezing white tips. Today or no rhyme or reason the temperatures weren’t cold my finger turned white and then blue And 5.5 hrs  later it’s still blue. I’ve never had that to happen and I do not know what to do.

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Welcome to these Forums.


I've split your post into a new thread, as the previous one was twelve years old.


Please note I have no medical training, but it is possible that the problem with your fingers could be due to Raynaud's Phenomenon and I've included a link to our medical page to give you some more information.


However, having Raynaud's does not necessarily mean that you will develop scleroderma; although it is a very common symptom, it's by no means a certainty, as it's perfectly possible to have Raynaud's for years and never develop any other symptoms.


Kind regards,

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Raynauds often seems to be associated with temperature changes rather than just cold temperatures.


I've had it in the summer when a cloud passes in front of the sun for a few minutes and of course walking into an air conditioned shop or cafe when it's 25 or 30 degrees outdoors.

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BJMC, I have Raynauds, and it can be perplexing at times because you don't THINK it's "cold enough" to warrant the color changes. But from my experience it doesn't take much. I'm in an air-conditioned house set at 78degrees, and it can happen. Earlier this season I was in 90 degree pool temps and YEP, cold and white.

I try to address it asap when it happens, as it is an indication of decreased blood flow, IMO the longer you decreased blood  flow  it may /can lead to other things (ulcers?)
You can try warming them up with a heating pad, rubbing hands together or doing windmills with your arms briefly to encourage blood flow.

How I cope;
I have those little "Pocket warmers" they get warm when opened? I'll hold one of them or put it in my pocket and put my hand in.
I always have a pair of warm gloves on me when I go out and DO NOT hesitate to put them on when needed. I don't care HOW MANY strange looks I get (Summer in Florida! LOL)
I also recently went on Amolodipine approved by my doctor, low dose to help circulation and I think it's helped a great deal.

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