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Hi Barbs and I still think you're brave although I understand your reasons.I hope all turns out good from now on you have been through the mill thats for sure.I hope you enjoy your days in Crete.Sounds like so much fun.On another note I'm so sorry about your mom and hope thats not what is in my future.My husband is on Aricept for memory loss and now he has type 2 diabetes.I can see where the meds are working for him though,He still works and I think its been good for him as it occupies his mind.I still find myself repeating things that I just said but on the whole its lots better than it was before the meds.I REALLY enjoy your blogs and your sense of humor.I look forward to reading new ones.Glad you will be able to enjoy yourself and I bet you and daughter really had a fun time shopping.Its nice to have good families and lots of support it keeps us going.Enjoy yourselves and let us know when you're back home.I know the geese will miss you LOL.Hugs and smiles.Mary

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