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Hey sweet,

I've been on half the 13 oz dose of Miralax for a while. At first I had some cramps but they went away. It really made me regular, like clockwork. Take it with juice. I took it with water once and it was gross.



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Hi, Sweet,


I was having digestive problems, too. My doctor said Miralax was a good, new laxative and it had just gone over the counter. I went straight to the pharmacy and bought some, but by the time I got home with it, I was having diarrhea -- my usual problem! So I put the laxative away and tried to tough it out! I hate to take anything for either problem since I seem to have both problems. I hate to take a laxative to treat diarrhea!!


Anyway, I was having such a hard time, mostly with diarrhea that I decided to try eating yogurt every day. I know that the live culture in it is something we need to have in our stomachs and I know that things like antibiotics kill that good bacteria along with the bad bacteria.


I thought this might help a little and I was feeling desperate. I won't say that I am totally, 100 percent okay now, but I am really surprised at how very effective the yogurt is. One day I forgot to eat it and the next day, I was back to having a problem!


Too bad yogurt is almost the only thing on the plannet that I don't really like to eat! But, I intend to keep eating it! I eat a small carton every day now. I think it's about 6 oz.




Mary in Texas

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Sweet I'm sorry to hear your having problems with your bowels. It's no fun when you can't go. I hope this mirlax will h elp y ou. I havent heard of it. Take care, Sam


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Hi Sweet ,


Gareth's gastro doctor put him on Miralax a month ago and he wasn't having any bowel problems. He wants to make sure it stays that way.....I guess. I mix it with his milk in the morning.


Take care, Everyone.


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