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Swollen Hands - Is There Any Treatment?

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I was diagnosed in Jan 06 after suffering from swollen hands and Raynaud's and skin discolouration across my torso for at least 2 years.

My worst symptom at the moment is the swelling, stiffness and pain in my handsamd arms, and the dryness and skin splitting on my fingers. I use moisturiser about 10 times each day. I know that this is trivial compared to some stories I read here. My problem is that my rheumatologist only seems interested in the potential complications around hypertension, rather than any actual problems I suffer now.

I take Losartan to reduce my blood presssure, even though I have naturally low blood pressure already. In fact I have to take Losartan when I go to bed to avoid falling down!

Does anybody get any treatment to reduce swelling and pain in hands and arms? I am seeing my rheumatologist this afternoon and expect to be put back on Nifedipine again for the winter, apparently to help the Raynaud's, but it doesn't seem to do anything except make my knees hot and my ankles swell. Ho Hum.

Thanks for the opportunity to rant.

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Hi Eve,

I know there are many on the baord that currently take Viagra or Cialis for their circulation. I found this to work much better than Nifedipine. Maybe you acn ask your dr about this.


Good luck andlet us know how it goes.





PS My hands are a mess right now too. The splits in my skin are so aggravating!

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Hi Eve,


I had ALOT of nerve pain in my hands and arms and my rheumatologist put me on Neurontin. It has been a wonder drug for me. I don't know if that would address your pain/swelling issues or not, but it might be worth mentioning to your doctor.


I hope you can find some relief and soon!


Warm wishes,


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You may also want to ask your doctor if it's fluid collecting, although it doesn't really sound like, but I try not to leave anything out when I see my doctor. You may need a diurectic. Or a simple anti-inflammatory agent.


Good luck!


Love Sweet

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I am a big believer in Physical Therapy. My hands were swollen and ached. I now stretch them and squeeze an exercise ball several times a day and the swelling has gone down in my hands and my mobility seems to have increased. Also, whenever my hands feel still, I start to exercise them and they feel better. Warming my hands either with a parafin wax or with special gloves heated in the microwave helps before starting the hand exercises. Good Luck. G

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Thanks for all your advice. I saw my dr yesterday. He says that all the major organ tests are fine so that's good. He has offered steroid injections for the hand swelling but I declined, as I have had this once before and the relief was very short-lived. I will continue to do my stretch and flex exercises, and take the occasional pain killer when it gets too bad.

The weather turned very cold this morning for the first time this year and I had my first big Raynaud's episode for months. I am going to buy myself a wax heater so that I can do my own paraffin wax treatments at home.

Cheers, Eve

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I'm thrilled to hear that your major organ tests all came back negative. Congratulations! That's excellent news.

In reference to the hands swelling, mine use to be swollen to where I couldn't wear any of my rings. I found that 400 IU /day of Vitamin E really reduced the swelling for me. HOWEVER, since you do have hypertension, I would not recommend that because high doses of Vit E can cause hypertension. I have low blood pressure (95/60) so it hasn't affected me and my doctor is supportive if it seems to be working for me. I always get approval from my doctors on any vitamin that I take in excess of the RDA.

Now that it's cold, be sure to keep your WHOLE body warm, not just your hands. I wear silk underwear and fleece hoodies around the house and that has really helped to minimize those Raynaud's episodes. I can't wear gloves because I have to type all the time, so keeping the body warm really helps.

Hope you get some relief soon.

Big Hugs,

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