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Oh, I know the answer to this one!!


I have my wide brim sun block protection hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, long sleeve shirt, long pants, and beach umbrella packed and ready to go. I will be at the beach everyday I can!


I can't wait! The ocean is my meditation.


As I mentioned previously, scleroderma made my skin unnaturally dark all year long. I couldn't sit in the sun because it made my skin hurt and made me itch. It looked like I sat and baked all day, though. Over time, as my skin softened, the strange darkness has faded some but I am still tan. I am always being told by doctor's to stay out of the sun and then I tell them how careful I am. I look tan, but it if you compared exposed areas to areas that haven't seen the sun in years there isn't that much difference in color. I have had some small skin cancers removed since my kidney transplant, the anti-rejection meds cause skin cancer so I do have to be extremely careful.


I AM as careful as I possible can be, I go for skin cancer checks twice a year, I wear hats and sunscreen when I am just going outside in the sun. My vitamin D levels are normal, and it makes me feel good. 


Scleroderma took so much away from me. It took a job I loved, my social life, the use of my hands to create art, my morning runs, my mile swims, my ability to walk along the sandy shore, many days of my life by sitting in a dialysis chair, hospitals, and doctor offices...


I will not allow scleroderma to take away




ISN Artist

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Dear miocean,

  Once again you've given me strength and support that I am thankful for!!! :thank-you:  :balloons:

 I almost would believe that my sister had written that very last paragraph that you had written. Scleroderma has seemed to taken everything away from her and sitting in that dialysis chair and hospitals are just all too common, but even through all this my sister remains strong. Actually she now has a new grandchild; this is her first one and I believe this will give her strength!!!


                                                                             Wishing you all the very best!!!!


                                                                                           Sincerely, northstarhope*

northstarhope* :emoticons-i-care:  :thank-you: 

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