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Does Anyone Get Regular Dermatologist Checkups?

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I do not have skin involvement with sclero (sine) but often think I should be getting a checkup with the dermatologist, since I am susceptable to skin cancer because of CellCept. Would a cancer show up in blood testing, that I get regularly?

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Hi Jennifer,


I see my dermatologist every three to four months. I am getting PUVA (lightbox) treatments once a week. It seems to have slowed and perhaps stopped the sclerodactyly (swollen hands) in my hands and feet. Since I have been getting the treatments my Raynaud's is not as bad.

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I see my dermatologist every 3 months.

It's nice to have someone concentrating on JUST my skin.

I was just found to have a small Basal Cell spot on my face-I'm having it removed next week.

I say you should definitely see one at least yearly.


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