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Tendon Friction Rub

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I have been getting a tendon friction rub in my left ankle off and on for quite a while now. My physical therapist treats it with ultra-sound and stretching and it goes away but then comes back. I have just weaned myself off prednisone under my doctors. supervision, but have had the rub while I was on it, too. I don't have any pain with it.


My question is: are tendon friction rubs dangerous or harmful in any way or are they more of an inconvenience than anything else? Thanks in advance for your responses, you are all always so very helpful.

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Hi, miocean


Barefut has posted another topic on the same subject. I asked Pam to give me the link she sent to her by PM and we will look at adding the information to the site. In the meantime, I am including the link for you and others suffering from Tendon Friction Rubs


In chronic tenosynovitis, as may occur in scleroderma, the tendon sheaths may remain dry and rub against other tissues, causing a grating sensation that may be felt or a sound that may be heard with a stethoscope when the joint is moved; this is called a "tendon friction rub."


The article has much good information, including treatment options. Thanks to "Sweet" Pam for finding the information.

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Well I never!


This is what's going on with my shoulder. It's been horrendously painful when I move it in certain ways for weeks. When I went to meet my potential new primary care physician who is affiliated where all my "specialists" are, I told her about it, she correctly diagnosed it as a problem with the tendons/muscles involving the rotator cuff. What she didn't mention, nor did I, was the "bump" I can occasionally feel. Is that the tendon rub?


I can't take NSAIDS (anaphylactic reaction), steroids make me paranoid and nuts (really!) so she said she wasn't even certain she wanted to recommend a shot. Now I'm wondering about lidocaine. Hmmm.....Because when I move my arm wrong this sucker makes me yelp out loud and I'm not a yelper! She did show me 2 exercises to do with my little wimpy hand weights and I have been doing them. But that's not helping the pain NOW!


Think I should call her on Monday and ask if this could be a "tendon rub" so I can report to my rheumatologist when I see her in 3 weeks? Thanks for the heads up on this. I'm so glad I read this link.


xoxo emmie

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