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Hi All

Gordon here just to let you know I got my blood protien results back on monday,its been a long three weeks since my bone biopsy,the protiens they were worried about are known as (mugs) i think but they are the main cause of bone marrow cancer which on top of my sclero was a big worry for me and my family,the results came back good :D ,although they will be checking me every six months.In the past three weeks ive also been back to the rumi,my condition has got worse, :unsure: but she told me it will get worse before the methotrexate takes over my imune system again,she also said it could take three to six months to kick in,she has raised my dose to 20mil starting next week, and told me thats it at the moment thats all she can do,i go back to her in three months,shes just told me I have to stay positive,which is true, thankfully I havent the cancer to worry about,have to get back on track again.

need a boost of uplift if you can many thanks

fondest regards


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Great news on your biopsy results, Gordon. Glad you have one less thing to worry about. Your doctor and Sweet are both right about keeping a positive attitude. I just gave someone else a link to the Emotional Adjustment page which may have some insights for you on coping mechanisms. Please keep dropping in on us and sharing your experiences with the treatment.

Warm wishes,



Carrie Maddoux

(Retired)ISN Sclero Forums Support Specialist

(Retired)ISN Sclero Forums UK Chat Host

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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