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Social Security Disabilty Hearing Is Set.

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I had found out yesterday that it will be December 14th. I am nervous because I feel they won't give it to me. To look at me you would think I was healthy.


I have some more information to gather up for the lawer. I will meet with him twice before the actual hearing. Which is good. They had asked me awhile back if I wanted it televised I told them No, only because they won't be able to see your expression as much as to having it face to face. Well wish me luck. Please I do need it.


I have waited for 2 and half years for this to happen. Take care, Sam

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All my best wishes being sent your way.

I know we do have several people on this forum who have been approved, so maybe some advice from them would be helpful. I do remember that as many test results as possible and notes from your doctors were helpful.

Lot of good thoughts.

Big Hugs,

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Guest Jennifer

Good luck Sam! Now don't stress too much between now and then, ya hear? I was deemed disabled by SS and I have Scleroderma. My Dr. told me he believed I was granted the disability because of the shape of my lungs. I know what you mean...we don't always look sick. It's a blessing, but maybe not so much when you have your day in court!

I wish you the best,


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Hi Sam, Good luck with the hearing, I know exactly how you feel. I was approved in July with only a six month wait. I was absolutely compulsive about getting copies of every single piece of paper pertaining to my condition, I made sure ALL my doctors were on board with what I was doing, and each of them wrote letters of support; I saw a therapist about the emotional and psychological trauma associated with a chronic illness and pain- and devastation at losing my fabulous smile; and an occupational therapist who took range of motion measurements and also wrote explaining that this does NOT get better. It was worth the effort, but it took many phone calls, much documentation and of course lots of visits to the right people. The best advice I would give anyone seeking disability is to choose the right providers- if they understand the disease, they will support you. My OT did a lot of research on her own because she had not ever seen a case of 'scleroderma hands' but she was glad she did. I also documented every single symptom and difficulty from not being able to sit in traffic because of discomfort, and turning blue in cold weather AND air conditioning, to my GI tract being so whacky I need to be within spitting distance of a bathroom for a few hours after I wake up- or eat- nasty, rather humiliating information but if it helped me, I was going to let them know about it. Oh, and I have never looked better, having a 'perma-tan' I look 10 years younger, so they say, but phooey on that- document the facial changes! Ask your dentist even, no more 'open wide' for us. Keep us informed and write directly to me if I can help at all. Love, Mary in Philly

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Hi Sam,

I'm so glad to read in your thread that you have a date set for the hearing.

My rheumatologist was the one who recommended I apply.

She is the one I credit for approval expedience and she also helped with the review of my case... all done in no time.

I do wish you the best.

Hugs, Susie

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Hi, just wanted to wish you good luck. I received my approval last Saturday, but that was after I had a hearing before a judge, was disapproved, filed an appeal, my appeal was approved and then I had to wait for a second hearing. I had my rheumatologist write a letter specifically for me to take to the hearing. It was rather costly but well worth. In the letter he said that I was totally disabled, he told what all my symptoms were and how they affected me, and he said that he had recently put me on methotrexate which is a chemo drug to " try to improve my quality of life". I think that letter is what helped me get approved most of all. Just thought I would pass that on in case you wanted to get a letter written to take with you. Any questions you would like to ask just e-mail me. Again, good luck!! Think positive!

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Thanks everyone for the best wishes. I really need that. Don't worry I am not gonna worry about this what will happen will happen. It would be very nice to get it. Well I have to get going taking my parents downtown to the lawerys office. They dont know there way around there so they had asked me to drive. Chat later, Sam

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