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Need One More Opinion Concerning Toes/feet.....

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Pretty soon everyone will be calling me the foot person or something - LOL -


OK, Here is another problem I have - and NO doctor has any suggestions for me:


I have been wearing knee high support stockings that are only available with an RX from a Doctor since 1994 - The last time I got a few pairs, I told the woman at the Medical Supply store I wanted to be re-measured, because I really feel these stockings (even though they are open toe) are causing me more pain and grief when it comes to my feet and toes.......You can see how it actually compresses my toes -


So she did re-measure me and I went into a 'petite' in hopes of bringing the stockings back further away from my toes - it has helped a tiny, tiny, bit, but it still compresses the upper foot, and then causes me more pain........


My Podiatrist says don't wear them - but my other doctors say - WEAR THEM - all because I have bad vericose veins, and if I go too long without them, then my legs get very swollen and just hurt..... **I'm also afraid of getting a blood clot if I don't wear them - it's like a catch 22 - you can't win........


I've had a vericose vein problem since the age of 12yrs old,(& I was even skinny then - LOL ) and then they got worse - by the time I was 24yrs old, I had both legs done to 'strip them of the vericose veins' - but then when I was pregnant with my son they came back full force - I have seen a vascular surgeon since, and don't really know if I would want that surgery again - especially with all my other medical problems now......


I really don't know what I'm asking from anyone or in the way of suggestions - But any ideas or whatever - some doctors or medical professionals say they are not the cause of the added pain, but when I have them on, you can see how they compress my toes/feet........


Thanks Again..........HUGS.......Donna :)

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Hi Donna


Sorry to hear your having such a time with with your feet. Our feet are very important and a must to take care of.


If it was me ...lol I wouldn't wear them. But, for you I would recommend maybe getting the one's that just go to the ankle or heal. They may work alot better for you.

The ankle one's you may have to be more careful with if you swell alot because it could be easier to cut the circulation off.


Take Care


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