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Working In A Hospital

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Hi there,

I just got a volunteer job in the hospital's surgery center, as a "surgery hostess". Do y'all think I am nuts for working there, given that I am on immunosuppressant therapy (Cellcept)? I am so looking forward to having something to do with my time...make some friends, get out of the house and talk to humans...not just my doggies! It can't be any worse than going shopping at a big department store, right?


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Jennifer, I don't know what a surgery hostess does, but I hope you provide the extra hands that are sometimes needed to ease or comfort the patient. It is so wonderful that there are people who are willing to still give of themselves no matter what there own lot in life is. Thanks for being so thoughtful. Sheryl

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It is a wonderful thing to help others, and from your posts I think you are well suited.

I worked as a personal care nurse, going into peoples homes and assisting them and the people I worked with where some of the kindest people I have ever met.


I was also very consious of exposing myself to illness, so I was always washing my hands and taking care not to touch my face. Also just generally aware of safety and hygeine.


A nurse friend drilled into me the imortance of handwashing, even after wearing gloves, germs can get through gloves. Also make sure any cuts are properly dressed, because thats the most likely way for you to catch something. That also includes piercings, ie ears, dont touch the piercings unless proper hand washing techniques have been used.


Because you will be washing your hands a lot, you will need to make sure you have a good moisturiser and a good cleanser. Most hospitals are very conscious of correct techniques and in Australia it is actually legislation for them to have the correct cleanser and moisturiser available.


My friend said as long as you are aware of these things contamination risks are very low, and not to be afraid, just be vigilant.


I hope all this is not too negative for you, I really mean it as a positive way of handling it.

Best wishes

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High Praise to you Jen!


It is always a pleasure to help others in need. I used to volunteer at one of the hospitals here when I first enrolled in college. I was able to volunteer for almost two years. I was all over the hospital. I delivered mail, worked the information desk, assisted in the ER and my last post was to provide assistance to patients families by sitting with the elderly whenever a family member wasn't able to be with them (to make sure they didn't get out of bed and help feed). I had a wonderful job and enjoyed it while I was there.


Keep up the great work that you are doing. Take precautions and keep us informed. And remember to get enough rest...



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I think it's marvelous for you to work this job! Getting out of the house and around people will be some of your best medicine. You certainly have the personality that is needed for the job. People will love you and you'll love them! Right after I was started on immunosuppressants I took a part-time job at a Children's science museum. I was around kids all day long, having to reset the exhibits after hundreds of little hands had touched them and even hosted birthday parties. I kept a little bottle of antigerm stuff in my pocket and used it quite often. I was there 10 months and never got sick with a cold, virus or flu. My co-workers were always walking around sniffling and calling in sick, but not me. Kept my hands washed and germ free.

So when you shake a hand, give it a wash.

Have fun! You'll love it.

Big Hugs,


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You have a wonderful heart to help people. I really admire that! And I think that socialization is very, very good for us.


But I have a different point of view about a hospital. Is there a job you could find where you would not be so greatly exposed to germs? I've read many times that hospitals are the easiest place to catch an infection--such as staph. My father-in-law caught staph while in the hospital. It is not uncommon.


I too take an immunosuppresant. I always carry a little bottle of anti-germ solution in my purse. But in a hospital you are exposed to so much coughing & sneezing every hour you are there. I think most of our doctors recommend we get a flu shot every year because we are considered high-risk.


It would be great if you could find a place to share your heart and time, but in a setting where you are not constantly exposed to so many sick people. You are so right to share your life with others!


Warm wishes,



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Guest Jennifer

Thanks everyone! I really do want to work in that department. I think I will find it very rewarding. I promise I am not doing it to meet a doctor. They would run!!!!!!! ha ha!

I have put a call in two both doctors (had to call them for something else anyway) asking them their opinion, so we'll see. If it's not a good idea, I may be better suited in the gift shop. How fun that would be!

Have a great weekend everyone and relax.


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You go right ahead and MEET that single doctor! No man in his right mind would run from such a kind, generous, sweet, beautiful young woman as yourself.


I agree on the handwashing thing. I'm a fanatic about it myself and with my kids and the kids I care for. Also I've noticed that ALL hospital staff use hand sanitizer about 400 times a day, after everything they touch.


Congratulations on the new job. Hope it works out and hope you meet Dr. Mc Dreamy ;)



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