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Hi Helen,


My dr. also advises me and my husband as well since I am immunosuppressed to get the flu shot every year. I also get a pneumonia vaccine every 5 years.



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Hi Helen :)

I have been getting the flu shot since about 1994, also got the pneumonia shot a couple of years ago - here in the USA, I think sometimes it depends on the doctor, clinic whatever when they determine about the pneumonia shot - my doctor says every 5-8yrs it should be repeated....At one time they did say it would last a lifetime, but they have since changed their ideas on that.......


Now with the flu shot - most definetly - the flu shot we receive here in the USA DOES NOT have a live culture in it, so you are safe... When flu shots have been scarce here, I actually can get them before some others because of my SD... I know there is a flu vaccine that is given through your nostrils, and if I'm correct, that one is a NO, NO, because it has live cultures in it........


I was always told anything with live cultures I should stay away from, not only myself, but if my grandchildren, or whomever get any vaccines that have live cultures in, I am told not to go near them for atleast 10-14days .......


Take Care..........hugs........Donna

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Hi All,


I JUST emailed Dr. Thomas Lehman, who is a juvenile scleroderma expert, on the subject of live vaccinations. If any of you have his book, he has a chart on page 314 which gives his opinion on what vaccinations to get/skip based on your illness and medication. He advised against ANY live vaccinations if you have a current/active arthritic condition and if you take immunosuppressants. He does NOT consider Plaquenil to be an immunosuppressant, but methotrexate and several others are. However, when it comes to the flu vaccination, he doesn't really state if he is for or against it. My daughter's rheumatologist has recommended it for my 6 year old for the past 2 seasons, and my pediatrician is great enough that she gives me the version that does not contain thimerasol (a mercury based preservative).


Take care,



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I'm just chimin' in about the flu shot. I've been getting them for the past 3 years, and I've also had a pneumonia shot, and I have lung issues. No negative side effects from either one, except for the soreness after the pnuemonia shot. Ouch, couldn't move my arm for a day. I'm in the states as well, and I plan to get a flu shot this year too.


Like others have said, I think the choice has to be your own.


Good luck with your decision.

Happy people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have!


Warm and Happy to you! Vee

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