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Hi All,


Ok, I've been back and forth between my two rheumatologist's. One thinks I have RA, the other thinks it's Fibromyalgia. One says the only thing that gives you pain from head to toe is Fibro, the other says that because it is just in my joints and Motrin makes me feel better that it is probably RA. I have read the symptoms on both of these, and they each have similar symptoms to what I'm experiencing, except I don't have ANY tender spots like it says in the Fibro symptoms, but I don't have any disfiguring joints like the RA, yet anyway. Can anyone help me with this. Oh, and neither one of them ran my RH factor in my blood work either. I just want a name to my pain so I can tell whether or not I should be excersizing or just stretching. The one that thinks I have RA wants me to start methotrexate if it is confirmed, but the other one says that I shouldn't take that because of my lung issues! I'm really getting tired of this. I wish they would just call each other and argue it out!


Well thanks for listening!


Still Happy, believe it or not!!!! :D Vee

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UGH!!!! Unbelieveable Vee! I can't believe your doctors have two completely different opinions on this. How frustrating!!!!

Well, you know me - I can't answer a question without a link or two so here's our section on diagnosing RA and diagnosing fibromyalgia. I hope these help.

It looks like now that they have it narrowed down to one or the other, they should be able to run the right tests to determine which one it is.

Keep after them girl. It's two completely different treatments, so you do want to make sure you are getting the right treatment.

Thanks for keeping us informed. Hopefully next time, you'll have an answer.

Big Hugs,

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Vee, What does the rheumatologist want to put you on that isn't harmful to your lungs, but will still help the RA if tha is what it is? What do they say at U of M. I would go with their oppinion if it were me. Sure hope you find out soon to help you with all that swelling and the pain. I'm still on for lunch next Thurs. Any others in Michigan who want to catch up with us? This is great getting to meet new friends who are dealing with the same issues. We can hopefully, offer each other real arms for hugs and we can laugh and cry together if needed. Sheryl

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Thank you for your input. I did go to those sites and read, but I am still confused. I'll just keep riding my doctor's until they come to an agreement.




The dr. out at U of M is the one who thinks I have the RA. And she is the one that wants me to start the Methotrexate. So who knows what I'll do! One day at a time! I'm eager to meet you again for lunch.




Yes, I do see a scleroderma specialist out at U of M.


Thanks again for all your help! It is greatly appreciated!


xo Keep Warm and Happy! biggrin.gif Vee

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