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hi all, hope everyones doing good! :D


I've been very busy lately, working and going on little holidays. i think last time I wrote on this I was about to go to America. it was amazing! loved the shopping in New York!! ended up putting on a lot of "deep heat" to soothe my joints! but it was definatly worth it.

I went camping there last weekend, to a big music festial. have to say, i done well walking and standing for the whole day. very proud of myself! :lol: The Mud was up to my shins, so I spent the whole day tugging at my legs to get them out of the mud! but it was all part of the fun.


I was just wondering, does anyone here take cod liver oil capsules? I heard its meant to help with joint pains, and at this stage I'm considering trying them.

Or if anyone knows of any other kind of tablets like any vitamin ones or anything that might help?

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Hi there Louise,

I am so glad to hear that your trip to NY was fabulous! Thanks for letting us know how you have been getting along. The music festival in the mud sounds just as fun :)


Here is a link to some info about treating joint pain with cod liver oil.



Let us know if you find a treatment that works for your joint pain~




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