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Facial Flushing

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Hi everyone,


just a quick question, but does anyone else get facial flushing?


I have telangiectasias as well, but some days I wake up looking completely sunburnt and my face is so hot and red and I just can't stop it. It is getting worse especially when I go out and I can feel it coming on (sometimes just sitting at the doctors)........and I swear just thinking about it makes it worse.


I still have a tentative diagnosis of 'probable Lupus', but my rheumatologist says it is just my photosensitivity......even when I have just gotten out of bed??

Hmmm perhaps it is the flourescent lighting they have in different places?


I wonder if the Plaquenil can make you flush?


I do wonder alot!!! :P


thanks everyone,

Hugs, Irene

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Oh my wondering friend :)


I do get that occasionally, but mostly after I have a glass of wine. I rarely have it in the morning, but it can happen to me throughout the day regardless if I've had wine or not. I wonder if you have rosacea? Is it there all of the time, or will it go away at other times?

Warm and gentle hugs,



ISN Support Specialist

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Hi Irene,

There are several types of flushing. What kind are you experiencing? Does you face get red and stay red as with rosacea, or does it get red when your blood pressure rises or maybe hot flashes.


I am taking Plaquenil and have not had flushing because of it.




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Dear Irene,

I have occasionally what sounds a bit like your flushing. I wake up in the morning with a hot, red face. It usually goes away after a while, like a temporary sunburn. It is not like the menopausal flushes I used to have, nor is it like rosacea. I assume it's a side effect of one of my drugs, but I am not on Plaquenil.

Good luck,


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Hi Irene - I, too, get it at least 3 or 4 times a day. There seems to be no connection between the meds, the sun, etc. It just happens. A few years ago I had my husband take pictures of my facial flareup and took it to my rheumatologist. She was amazed. It was fire red. Another time, I was at my primary care doctors and it happened there and he was also surprised - this time it happened only on one side of my face and it was hot to the touch. My thought is that is has something to do with the "lupus crossover" symptoms I get. It is terribly annoying and most uncomfortable. If you ever find out anything - please let us know!! -Ann

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Thanks for all the replies from everyone........perhaps the cause will remain a mystery!


Ann, I also can get it on one side only, its usually the right side, I had it this morning at the physio, she was shocked at how red it was.......my general practitioner has seen it, but she just said I was flustered........which I wasn't.


I do think maybe it may have a Lupus connection.....I really don't know, but I do keep meaning to go to the dermatologist......I just never get there, but perhaps they will know.

But when I do get alot of redness, alot of capillaries stay broken, so perhaps it is Rosacea.......who knows!!!


Still wondering :P




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