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I am sure problems with itchy skin have been discussed in the forum several times, but I have a little different question. I had severe skin itching on my chest couple of years ago when I was diagnosed with Scleroderma. However, after taking 3000mg Cellcept for over 18 months, my skin was nice and soft and no itching. My pulmonary specialist asked me to reduce Cellcept from 3000mg to 2000mg in April 2007 due to improving lung condition, and immediately my left feet started itching a lot. Now, I have no itching in left feet, but severe itching in right feet. I have been using prescription pramosone cream and fluocinonide solution several times a day and it helps.

I asked my rheumatologist about it and he asked me to continue with 2000mg Cellcept.


I am glad to have reduced dose as I am horrified with side effects of Cellcept. I wish I can be completely off the Cellcept.


Is it common in Scleroderma to move itchiness from one body part to other?

Have anyone suffered through the side effects of Cellcept such as sleeplessness, depression, gas, dry/sore mouth, mouth thrush, nose bleeding, etc?

Any thoughts on taking Cellcept for long term?

Kind regards,





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Hi there-


Glad to hear your sclero is improving (!) but sorry you are experiencing the new symptoms...


I've been on the high dose of Cellcept for the last year with no real side-effects. It reduced, then reversed most of my skin symptoms. I haven't had the itchiness/burning since.


Did you have the itching on your feet at the start of your sclero?



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Kamlesh, I do know when I do itch I can't stop. My mom told me to use the antibactierial gel that people use when there isnt any water around and it stops the itching. I have tired this I have my legs a mess right now. I hope this helps you. Sam


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I've had trouble with itching, as well as dry mouth from secondary Sjogrens. Here are some things that I would recommend you try:


anti-itch cream containing antihistamine

anit-itch cream with hydrocortisone

anti-itch cream with benzocaine (this works best for me)

body powder with menthol (after bathing)


These are all easily available at any drugstore. A good moisturizing cream with lanolin can also be helpful.


I experienced a surprising improvement went I switched from taking baths to showers.(???) Doctor says shower has less of a dehydrating effect on the skin.


There are meds that can help dry-mouth (Salagen, Evoxac), in case your Rheumatologist hasn't told you, as well as other helpful products from companies such as Biotene.


Good Luck,



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