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Scleroderma Expert Vs Rheumy

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I see a rheumatologist who specialises in scleroderma and I have a 60 mile round trip.

I was passed around for years with a rheumatologist who was okay but tended to pass me on to other doctors at his clinic. I have to say that this made me annoyed because more often than not, I had to explain my condition each time I went.

Now, my rheumatologist knows me and her clinic is solely for connective tissue patients so everyone is aware of my condition.

It can be a drag especially if you're not feeling too well but well worth having someone who you can talk to at the end of it.


I wish you well and you have some good replies to ponder on.


Best wishes

Barbs xxx

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Thanks Barb,


I guess I should be glad I'm not getting shifted around. I always see the same doctor. I think I just need to have a very frank conversation with him, which I plan to do when I see him next month. I think he needs to know how I feel about him at times. I did this one other time and things were great for a long time - but things seem to be slipping.... Maybe I have too high of expectations.


Love you all, thanks for your help.



Warm and gentle hugs,



ISN Support Specialist

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Hi Sweet!


I see both! Although, I'm not sure which is best at this point, as they are the two of my doctor's that can't agree where my pain is coming from!! LOL!


Good luck! Warm and Happy to you! xo Vee

Happy people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have!


Warm and Happy to you! Vee

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Get those PFT's, six minute walk test and possibly an echcoardigram for a bssline of comparison, if no involvement then you have agreat baseline for latef comparison..


My Dr is a rheumatologist that studied at MUSC with the sclero DR's. She requested the above tests immediately and has schedule some evry 3 months while others once a year it just depends which way my disease wants to travel.


Take care



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