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Hello All,


I read right back to the beginning of this thread and saw the mention of vegetable oil. It reminded me of when our daughter was tiny and the Pllunket Nurse (home visitor nurse) suggested I use edible oil on her bottom. It made sense to me then that if it was OK to swallow it, it must be OK on the outside too.


I have never thought of using it for this application though - but why not?



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Ohhhh Boy!!! I totally feel your pain!!


I have terrible vaginal dryness, inside and out!! It has gotten so bad that when my Gynaecologist did the pap smear this year she had to use the smallest speculum and even that hurt!! Sex is terrible and it is something my husband doesn't understand. I couldn't even think of having it without lubrication and still it's sore! :( I was beginning to feel alone and my Gynaecologist keeps telling me it's perimenopausal. But I am not starting to go through the change yet......

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