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I have also 'secretly' wondered about a placard. Not only do I have Raynaud's but my body aches like the flu when its cold outside and for me it doesn't have to be 20 degrees. I'm a hurtin' unit in 50 degree weather. (maybe I oughta move to Florida? - not. I love my little town in the Northwest)


Anyway, I've been too.....what's the word I'm looking for? Proud? Shy? Embarrassed? to look into getting one. As uncomfortable as I get, I don't feel like I should go that route - yet, even though it sure would be nice.


Slightly off the subject.....my local, large chain grocery store has recently designated 2 parking spots close to the door for - get this: people who are just running in for a coffee at the big chain coffee shop inside!


I thought this kind of ....stupid, even insulting to people who must use handicap parking. Why on earth would someone 'running' in for coffee NEED a close parking space?! What abut the 9 month pregnant woman or the woman with 4 kids and a cart and a half of groceries? I may write them a complaint yet.


Jennifer - yes! The grocery store IS traumatic. I hate having to go grocery shopping, more now than ever because I HAVE to wear my gloves now when I shop and I get strange looks. I even got a comment, "You're THAT cold?!" (Some people are so rude.) So I told her all about Raynaud's and she APOLOGIZED for her comment.



Stay warm,


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Hey guys, just putting my two cents in.... I was hesitant about getting a placard for my car, I didn't think I was THAT bad, plus as some of you have said, I look pretty healthy. But my doctor pointed out to me that even a SHORT amount of time in the cold can cause irreversable tissue damage. when I first started seeing him, I met a woman in his waiting room who had lost several of her fingers to this horrible disease, and you know, I will wear my gloves in the grocery store, use my placard, and weather the looks and comments cause I really like my fingers! Here in the northeast a sudden chilly wind can turn me purple, so I've learned not to take chances. I even wear gloves and take a blanket to the movies in the summer cause they keep it so cold in there.... we do what we hafta do. Keep warm! Love, Mary in Philly

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