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Thank you all, for your support. I got home late last night, finally felt like I could leave Jodi. Sheryl, Jodi doesn't have a husband or children and we were planning a move so she could be closer and then she had the seizure. So, I am her main support.

I knew I needed to come home, just to see my family, hubby and kids. I did get to see my other kids that live on that side of the state, but in a bad situation (hospital setting).

Jodi is on an insulin pump and does very well with it, but no one in the hospital seems to understand it. Several doctors have asked her to turn it off so they can monitor her diabetes with just shots. She told them no and for them to try to turn off their hearts to see how long they would live. The pump takes the place of her pancreas, which doesn't work in her case. We finally got an endocrinologist in there Sat. that really seemed to understand what was going on and got the nurses and other doctors to get the big picture. That was a relief. It's difficult to work withsome doctors when you know more about your situation than they do. I actually thought they were going to kill her until the endo doctor showed up. He is a personal friend of Jodi's endo doctor and came to see her because her regular doctor is on vacation. He was our knight in shining armor on Sat. that is for sure.

It is going to be a long road to recovery for Jodi. She won't be going home for some time, but will be moved to a transitional facility when she is able to do at least 3 hours of physical therapy a day.

I don't know if this is making any sense, it's the middle of the night, I can't sleep, too worried about Jodi and wondering if I made the right decision to come home, but I needed to talk about the incompitance(sp) of some of the people that call themselves doctors.

Again, thanks for your warm words of support and please continue to keep Jodi in your thoughts.


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Wow this sounds like a nightmare. I'm sure Jodi is so glad to have you in her cheer leading section. Sounds like things are quite serious and I'm glad you've found a doctor that you feel understands what's happening. It is very scary when you feel as a patient or family member that you have a better grip on the situation than the medical professionals.


You continue to be in my thoughts and I hope she makes the leap to feeling better soon!

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