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Please Can You Help Me I Feel Like Iam Going Mad

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:( Hello.....nice to meet you all,


Before you read the whole story my immediate symptoms which I am very down about is my skin has changed feels thick, tight, feels like it swells up, and it has tiny lines on my face. My wrists and knees are sore where skin goes tight and they look wrinkly and they wasn't last week..its really getting me down as I look so much older than I should..i can't apply make up as it shows up the way my skin is more. I have also developed to lines under my eyes where the skin is so tight..at the moment I am sitting here and it is tight on my face.....


I have been ill for a long time started having problems eating fruit, sugar, bread etc...lead to fecal impaction, distended tummy, eye problems, frequent urination and always hungry. I was so ill had a few tests at hospital colonoscopy didn't show anything. I was very ill and down anxious depressed as well. New Years Eve my friend said you can't sit here on your own. I drank a few alcoholic drinks and ended up having a seizure on my friends bathroom floor.


I was then advised to see a homeopath who said I had a chronic fungal infection and put me on a low carb sugar yeast fruit free diet for 7 months - i felt better but had massive fatigue dizzyness, hungry all the time and thirsty..at the end she siad you can eat what you want now and I got ill.


Then doctors said I may have celiac I had to eat normally so I must admit I indulged in chocolate as well and was so ill but thought if I am celiac may as well make the most of it. During the 5 weeks I deteriorated rapidly..anxious, thirsty, fatigue, depressed, distended belly, palpatations, tingling in my face and swelling...then I noticed my skin started changing it had gone thick, dry and looked like the elastic had gone (been told its dehydration)..I looked so ill my hair was so dry and falling out ...


I had a lot of trouble at home as my parents were having marital problems ..my mum said she was sick of me being ill and said to take anti depressant or she will kick me out..so I did...the my whole body started slowing down I felt weird like in another planet..still eating wrong..then the next night my mum came running into my room screaming as my dad had started on her I jumped up scared out of my mind my legs went I couldn't see my heart was pounding so much ...and I had a strange feeling on my face..I looked in the mirror and one side well my mouth was crooked when I smiled and my neck had moved?!!!.......my heart was pounding so much I couldn't walk without being out of breath...they were so caught up in the row and nasty towards me anyway as they were sick of me being ill..I stopped the tablet ..but heart pounded, couldn't stop going to the loo (bowels loose) I lost about 3/14 stone in a few days and was so scared...


I have had problems with doctor helping me and knew it was not bells palsy so I paid to see a neuro..i still feel weak right side and get numbness in my foot.AND NECK..the nero has checked my reflexes and said they arent working and wants to do a mri brain scan and also nerve conduction test and blood tests. She thinks I could have diabetes but I may of been masking it with diet when I had test or it has developed through another cause.


I have tried to go back to the diet in the meantime that I did with homeopath but certain foods make me fatigued and dizzy etc...rice cakes is this because they are high gi ?


Also, where I have been so down from family and being ill so long I have had a few binge episodes where I just dont know what to eat..and when I eat chocolate I feel like my hearts going to come out, my urine goes brown, i am thirsty but dont wee..and my skin goes so taught that it has caused my skin to look a bit wrinkly and I am just 30yrs...


I've also still giot paralysis on my right side of face she is going to send me to physio but will that improve if blood is controlled.


Thanks for listening hope you can help.



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Hi Mandy,


It certainly sounds like you are under a lot of stress, and stress worsens most illnesses. Diabetes can cause tight skin (from fluid retention) so it would be very important to follow through on your testing and treatment for diabetes. It would seem to make sense to me (although I am not a doctor and have no medical training at all) that you should be on a diabetic diet, which would generally be avoiding things that are high GI (like rice cakes) and eating a regular, highly nutritious and balanced diet that they recommend. Rice cakes happen to make me severely hungry, so I avoid them like the plague.


Please also seek help for the binging (be sure to tell your doctor about it), as it could be part of the diabetes picture, and it will only be making any other illness issues a lot worse. Perhaps try finding ways to deal with stress, other than eating. That may require some counseling, but if it were me in a troublesome household like that, you can bet I would get counseling in order to learn how to deal with it in a healthy manner. We aren't trained counselors, so we can't give many tips on that angle, except to say, it is a situation certainly worth getting counseling and support for, and I'm sure there are even some online groups that are centered on issues like that.


I doubt that you are also facing scleroderma issues, but there is probably no way to tell, either, until all the basics are covered and under control, such as normal insulin levels, a neurological evaluation and treatment, healthful diet, and lowered stress levels. Diabetes is no laughing matter, as it kills many more people than scleroderma does (because it is much more common.) But when you get it under control, you will probably be enjoying renewed vigor and energy, the likes of which you may not have had for a very, very long time.


Anyway, it's nice to have you join us, and we look forward to hearing how you manage to make some improvements in the coming weeks and months.

Warm Hugs,


Shelley Ensz

Founder and President

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

Hotline and Donations: 1-800-564-7099


The most important thing in the world to know about scleroderma is sclero.org.

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Hi, Mandy,


My heart goes out to you! You are certainly in a stressful situation with your health and your family situation. I, too, urge you to get all the testing that your doctor recommends and, until told otherwise by a medical professional, I would try to eat a very “normal†and well balanced diet. You really can do a lot of harm, in my opinion, when you start a diet meant for a certain illness which you may not have!


I agree with Shelley that you may soon be feeling better than you have in a long time -- once you get a diagnosis and proper treatment.


Good luck to you as you pursue this and please let us know how it goes and how it turns out!






Mary in Texas


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Thank you so much for responding I think I am going to change me doctor.


It so nice to hear from someone who is interested as been ignored for so long.


I do feel better when I eat low gi brown rice seems to be okay. I was having this celiac rice porrige which was made with white rice and straight away getting massive fatigue..and if I didn't eat within a couple of hours my whole body was shaking and felt sick and like I was going to pass out.


I just hope taht my face will go back to normal as it is upsetting me that its still paralised its been nearly 3 months but I am hoping that when I am treated it will go back to normal. My skin aswell looks so awful and when I eat the wrong food it goes really tuaght..ive ended up with lines under my eyes where my skin is so dry..and a big puffy eye bag under the right eye..i look awful..


Mums being nasty and said oh well you can get a face lift and I dont want to sound shallow but been ill for two years and have no kids or anything and would like to still look the same...not haggered as I am only 31..


Thanks againxx

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You are way too young to be feeling so bad! I,too, support the suggestion of getting a new doctor. However, before going, please write down all your symptoms. If you can remember when they started, put the date. Indicate if things are getting worse. List the foods that seem to be affecting how you feel. Put everything on paper. When you see the new doctor, hand it to him/her. I handed my rheumatologist a 3 page paper on my first visit. He took it out of the room and came back 10 minutes later with items highlighted. Based on my symptoms and a few bloodtest, he made the right diagnosis then and there.


Please keep us informed as to how you are doing and what you find out. You'll be in our thoughts.


Big Hugs,

Janey Willis

ISN Support Specialist

(Retired) ISN Assistant Webmaster

(Retired) ISN News Director

(Retired) ISN Technical Writer for Training Manuals

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Hello Mandy,

It is sad to hear that you have suffered so much and not found a doctor that can properly diagnose you. I can't really say anything to make you feel better except that you are not alone and sometimes you have to be your own advocate. Pave the path for yourself. Find a good trustworthy rheumatologist or endocrenologist, try not to listen to any negative feedback and fill your life with things that make you feel successful and happy. (easier for me to say! but I can relate and try to do these things myself everyday)


Hang in there...tommorow will be a better day.




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My heart and hugs go out to you! Try to take the advice here and take care of immediate concerns. It sounds like your support group is less than desireable and that can be very demorilizing. Is there anyone maybe outside of the home that you can talk with? Stress can make matters worse as all here will attest to.


As for the thick skin, I can empathize. My entire body is affected and movement is very difficult, but move you must. Try to remain focused on yourself and get a doctor who will listen. As you read through these forums, you will no doubt get a lot of very good info., just ask the readers any questions you may have. No matter how trivial they may seem. Having answers is a great offense against ill health and having support is priceless.


My thoughts are with you, use us...



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Hi Mandy,

This is the first day I had a chance to red your thread... I am so sympathetic to all thatyou are going through. As many before me have already said... Stress can be a HUGE factor... especially with the symptoms you have described. Been there... done that. I hope you get bloodwork done through a doctor with whom you have great faith. Your folks seem all wrapped up in themselves, so please be proactive intaking care of yourself... your health. Once you've gotten a handle on that and have a better idea of what you're dealing with, then hopefully... all else will come full-circle.

Do you have any friends or family that could be of possible emotional support... to be there for you until you begin to feel better?

In the menatime, I'm glad you found this forum. As Janey said, please keep us posted on how you're doing?


Hugs, Susie

Special Hugs,


Susie Kraft

ISN Support Specialist

ISN Chat Host

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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