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Normal Bowel Function Restored After Oxygen Therapy In Systemic Sclerosis And Colonic Inertia

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Normal Bowel Function Restored After Oxygen Therapy in Systemic Sclerosis and Colonic Inertia.


Colorectal involvement with obstructed defecation is a common complication of progressive systemic sclerosis (pSSc), compromising quality of life and placing patients at risk for life-threatening complications. J Rheumatol 2007; 34:1777-8. (Also see: GI involvement)


This item was posted in the ISN Newsroom. Check the Newsroom every day for the latest scleroderma medical and support information.

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Hi Summer,


I agree; it would be very interesting to hear if any of our members had the oxygen therapy and whether it was successful for them. :)


Thankfully I haven't had any Sclero bowel problems so can't really advise from my own experience, but it does sound from Janey's report as if the patient who received oxygen by nasal cannula was doing well afterwards.

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I have had bowel issues for many years, even before the scleroderma diagnosis. I have been on and off oxygen over the past 7 years with a nasal canula. I have noticed no difference. However, my bowel issues have not been obstruction, more diarrhea.



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I am due to have a loop ileostomy in a couple of months time due to slow transit and Colonic Inertia.


Does anyone know how we can find out about how this patient is going?, I have tried to email a contact person at the bottom of the report, without success.


It certainly would be good if there was a trial on this.


Many thanks


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