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Nitroglycerin For Raynaud's

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Hey Patty,

I use nitro paste, Revatio (which is viagra), Norvasc and baby asprin. I thought mine were under control... now I have one that's trying to be an ulcer. Oh dear. I told my rheumatologist. He was suprised considering all the vasodilators I'n. If I keep getting them maybe I'll ask him about those super duper IV vasodilators.



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Hi Peanut,

The superduper vasodiolators (done IV ) carry risks, that is why they usually have me in ICU during the infusion.. it can lower bloodpressure to a dangerous level, so you are constantly monitored, but for me they have been my "antifreeze", and the effects can be long lasting.For me, that is about three months or more. Gets me thru the worst of the winter. I think there are some articles on this site about these vasodiolators, under raynauds treatments. The medications are called Iloprost and Alprostadil(spelling??) It surprises my doctors too that I keep having such severe attacks with everything they have thrown at me. At one time I was also on Trentall, but that was discontinued, as it had no effect. Woopy, I got to drop one med! I don't know if all Rhem's will go for this treatment, as it is risky, (and expensive) but I consider myself lucky to be under the care of a good team at a teaching hospital. The down side to that, is I get to be the guinea pig for the Interns and Residents! Thats ok, though, it is helping them to learn about our disease. Sorry for the longwinded ramble.

Take care,


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Hi, I have just got out of hospital this evening after 5 days of continuous Iloprost IV for raynauds (a fairly routine treatment here in the UK for those with scleorderma even though is an unliscensed drug). I have this every three months with a break over the summer. The Rheumatologist has also started me on daily GTN patches (this is in addition to Nicardipine 30mg TDS). I don't consider that my raynauds is particularly bad , but here they seem to take a very pro-active approach to preventing vascular problems.


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Hi Lizzie,

Hope you are feeling ok after the "anitfreeze" treatment. It usually wipes me out for a few days. I wish it were more common practice here in the US, last winter I had to wait for two months for the bed in ICU, and in the meantime, my rhem. put me thru the ringer with tests, an Angiogram on my hand, EMG's for hand numbness,(which has turned out to be yet another problem all together) etc. Not to mention all of the meds they added. They used Alprostadil for my infusion. My rhem. did say some people need to have this infusion every three months. I hope I don't get to that for a while. My raynauds is pretty bad, they tell me. I don't have much to reference this on, as I don't know too many people with Scleroderma.. I get a few months break in the summer where the attacks are as frequent, unless I stick my hands in the freezer without my gloves. I am just hoping that the doctors don't put me thru the ringer again this winter. I dread winters as it is.

Take care.


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