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Sore Places On My Body

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Hi all, just sitting up, trying to get sleepy by playing solitare, so thought I would post a new one, if my fingers allow it. I know we all have sore places on our bodies, but what is bothering you right now? For me, I have two things going on right now that are really bothersome. The first being my IBS, but hopefully it is going to start being more manageable now that my primary put me on zelnorm. Do any of you take it and if so, what are some of your side effects? I just started today, and I think it is giving me a headache. Hopefully that will go away.

The second very sore spot on my body is the inside of my knees and a little way up my inside thighs. If it is still bothering me this next week, hopefully my massage therapist can relieve some of the pain.

Also, I have to see a scope guy at the end of this month. I think I have some little people in my gut starting bonfires. I know it is getting cold here, but I could do without the bonfires in my gut. :wacko:

Here's to a painfree and restful weekend for all of us. We deserve it. ;)


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Sorry to hear that your Guts are unhappy, it is really unsettling for my whole system and makes me grumpy when my tummy is funny.


unfortunately my aches and pains are amerging after being in hyberanation for a couple of months.


I have rheumatoid arthritis with Limited Scl and mornings are becoming very uncomfortable. I have osteoarthritis in two places in my back and that has been pain free for months, until now.


A rather scary pain is my irregular heartbeat with the huge occasional thuds, this has been worsening over the past few weeks and now it feels like the muscles in my chest are strained. I go to my doctor on monday, but realise I should have gone sooner after reading some replies to my post about the chest stuff.


I hope you win your game of solotaire.


Best wishes

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Hey Whirlway!


I was having problems with IBS as well. My doctor put me on 2 natural things:

1. Magnesium Citrate (capsules)

2. Ground flax seed - which I sprinkle on food.


It has really helped!!!! It's on a rare occassion now that I even have a problem


Good luck,


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