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Waxy Face

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I have nearly always been lucky to have flawless skin but have noticed the last few weeks that I have a waxy feeling to my forehead and nose areas.


On my forehead it is very bumpy if I run my fingers over it, my skin is usually very dry to touch that is why I have noticed that it feels waxy.


I don't have any skin hardening at all, just internal problems.


Is this the beginning of the build up of collagen that makes your skin harden?



Many thanks


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Hi Celia, I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your question, but just thought I would share my experience of skin changes to the face, although don't think it will make you any the wiser! The skin on my face has recently started getting tighter, for quite a while before that happened I had noticed some puffiness and a change in the texture, although wouldn't describe it as waxiness, just felt thicker and smoother (not lumpy), in fact for a while, until it started getting tighter , looked better than it had in years! Unlike you I do have other skin involvement though - some fairly mild thickening on my fingers and forearms. Sorry can't be of more help.


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