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St. Louis Rheumy/sclero Experts?

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I haven't yet seen the rheumatologist I have made appt with, takes 2 months to get the appt, and I wondered if anyone is in the St. Louis area that has had experience with any in this area. I hate to waste time on somebody that isn't any good being it takes so long to get in to see them. I didn't see anybody in Missouri listed on the expert list here.

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Hi, Krista. I'm so sorry you are suffering. At first it is especially confusing trying to navigate these waters.


Maybe your most important decision is who will be your doctor. Since you are a nurse, you have an excellent network to tap into. Ask doctors and other nurses who they would send their wife/mother to.


Even if you have to wait longer to get to see a really experienced rheumatologist, you will not regret it. It sure saves stress and frustration later. Do you have a good PC doctor who will care for you in the meantime? Or could he get you in earlier?


I live 4 hrs. from St. Louis. I saw a head rheumatologist at Washington U Medical School (don't know if he is still there). He was good, but I was disappointed he wasn't as interested as I had hoped. He had no diagnosis like the expert I had seen in L.A. But he had a female intern who was very, very thorough. I don't remember her name, but she was excellent. I also remember there was a female rheumatologist who taught at Washington U, specialized in scleroderma, and also had a private practice. I don't remember her name, but you can find her on their website.I wished I had seen her.


You might also check out St.Louis U medical school. Not all experts are listed on the ISN list.


Warm wishes,


Dee in MO

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I couldn't find a scleroderma specialist in your area through ISN, but using the "find a rheumatologist" link I did get this list of St. Louis rheumatologists. You could do some internet research on each of them and see if they have a connective tissue specialty or even call them to see if they have treat scleroderma patients.

Good luck! Finding a good rheumatologist is so important. Please let us know how it goes.
Big Hugs,

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