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Where Is Teri?

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I'm just wondering about Clownie she used to be on here all the time and its been ages since we heard from her.Its been a really LONG time and I'm just curious.Maybe I missed something when I was offlie a few months back but I sure would like to know.If you'll know anything plese let us know as we do miss her.SMILES-Mary-La.

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Yes, you have to love Clownie. I know she's "around" but I don't know how she is doing. I've seen her on another forum that I am not active on, so she's around.

I'll have to leave a note to tell her to stick her head in.



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Hi All,


Sorry, I've been MIA also! Been very very busy. Kids to bandcamp, took oldest to Lansing yesterday in the awful downpours to get her EMT testing, she passed!!! Yeahhh.


Anywho, I communicate with Terri quite often, and she is around, has her ups and downs and is involved in other support groups. She'll love to know that you're thinkin' of her, so I'll mention this post to her next time I chat with her, if she doesn't see it first.


I hope all are doing as well as can be, and enjoying the summer. Can you believe it's almost over? Where is time going?


Off to work, I'm gonna be late!


Warmest and Happiest to you all! I'll try to be better at keeping up.


xo Vee

Happy people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have!


Warm and Happy to you! Vee

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Well I sure wish she would let us know how she is,she was always so uplifting with everone! As for me I had a rheumatologist visit yesterday,I have arthritis in both heels and ankles and thats also the problem with my left wrist also in a big scleroderma (kinda figured that) and so on a 4 day round of prednisone.How lovely,he asked me how it affected me and I told him it makes me bounce off the walls and turns my face and neck really red so we didn't do a week thankfully.My top number on my bp was a little high so I am now taking 1 mg higher of the clonidine I take.He said thats why my sed rate was so high.I have to have a bunch of blood work done later.For once I actually saw him at almost the time of my actual appointment! I usually sit there at least an hour or forty five minutes before I get to go in but yesterday was called after only about 25 minutes boy was I impressed.I was so tired,yesterday as the day before we had gone to my son't house and its about an hour from here but trips just do me in I'm sure you all know exactly what I'm talking about.Being fatigued already and then taking a road trip don't go hand in hand too well.I enjoyed myself and I must say this.My 4 year old grandson did something that reminded me of his daddy when he was little and I told him that and that his daddy used to be 'my little boy',his little lip just curled up and he had tears in his eyes and said "Ma=Ma I'm your little boy,it just broke my heart so I hugged him really big and told him that yes he was my little boy.We grandmas sure have soft spots don't we?So I was already tired from the day before and then yesterday another out of town trip to see the dr.Well this has become WAY TOO LONG so better let eyes rest.I hope all are doing as well as we can be and I really am keepin geveryone who is suffering from the bad weather in my thoughts.Living in a hurricane zone as we are we sympathize.Try to smile if you can.Love Mary-La.

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