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Other Finger Problems...lol

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Do any of you struggle with your fingers sticking together when they're swollen? I used to just have a problem in the heat only, like if I was golfing & it was hard to grip the club & swing it because fingers were swollen & sticky. But yesterday, in the house with the air on (& a sweatshirt...lol) I kept having to get my hands wet while trying to cut potatoes (I know many of you probably have a hard time cutting potatoes period & can't golf) but I kept getting them wet so that my fingers weren't stuck together.


I haven't been diagnosed with SSC, I have Raynaud's & the nailfold capilaroscopy showed dilatated & irregular capilaries but my ANA was neg so rheumatologist said, "We'll call this fibromyalgia for now". He put me on NSAIDS. I haven't been back to see him since November I think.


Now I'm getting these up & down lines above the right side of my upper lip (I'm 33) which is the side of my face I first felt tightening by my eyes, I've felt tightening by my eyes for months now & my nose is shiny & tight & now this morning I noticed when I was putting mascara on (holding mouth open & eyebrows up like a dork) that there are shiny tight areas above my upper lip & when I open my mouth, I feel the skin pulling by the corner of my eyes.


The skin on my knuckles & back of hands gets taut & shiny, feeling it pull over my "outer wrist bone" whatever it's called. But they're not like that 24-7 & sometimes I notice it after washing hands.


Any advice greatly appreciated. I'm exhausted & have PMS....lol, & every month I get frustrated with all this stuff, waking up with swollen achey fingers, etc. Just want to feel better. Oh, I my friggin' ears... always having fullness sensation but there's no fluid in them.


I forgot to mention that I'm getting I think telengiactasias (sp) on lips & eyelids (upper & lower). On eyes looks like a brownish purple spot but when pulled is a vein. On lips, dark areas that when pulled is a vein. Is that part of it all?

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Hi luvbnmom

I can't believe the lack of action by your rheumatologist! As far as I'm aware you don't have dilated nailfold capillaries with Fibromyalgia and a negative ANA doesn't mean that it couldn't be scleroderma- mine currently is negative. The least he should be doing is following you up every 3-6 months. As you have now also got skin tightening on your face, I think you should contact him asap for another appointment.


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Hi, luvbnmom. These changes have a way of creeping up on as slowly until one day we look in the mirror and there is a whole new face staring back. I agree with lizzie that you should make another appointment with your rheumatologist. Organise all of your symptoms, when they happen, etc. on a list to take with you. Many people never have a positive ANA test. Keep in mind, however, that it is possible to have scleroderma and fibromyalgia.

Warm wishes,



Carrie Maddoux

(Retired)ISN Sclero Forums Support Specialist

(Retired)ISN Sclero Forums UK Chat Host

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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