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Fingers Puckering Or Something

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I don't remember what my user name was before but I think this was it, I should email Heidi & ask her so you all know who I am. I tried to stay away from here for a bit hoping maybe if I never thought about or read about the issues some would go away....no such luck!


Anywho, I have a quick question, Monday I will come back on here & update & refresh you on who I am...I hope everyone is doing good.


The skin on my fingers is starting to do this thing where sometimes when I straighten them, they feel like the skin is being pulled tight & when I look at my fingers (bottom side, not nail side) they look puckerd kind of, like vertical lines or something, it's weird. I just wondered if this rang a bell for anyone. It's like the listure in my hands drains out easy & my skin shrinks up, they don't stay this way, they go back & forth, depending on the position I guess that my hand is in, like sitting at the computer will do that. It's like the look as if there is something holding the skin down at the tip in an "every other" spot so my skin (vertically) will be indented, sticking out, indented, sticking out.

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Welcome back! It's great that you found us and got signed up. I trust the sign up process was easy.

In reference to your fingers - it doesn't a ring a bell for me. Mine just got swollen, tight skin and then shiney then the skin started getting tough. My fingers were really tender to bumps and scratches and hurt like crazy when that happened, but all that has gone away and my hands are back to normal except for a feminine curve to the fingers. Has your rheumatologist looked at your hands? Maybe he would have an answer.


Big Hugs,

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yes, jefa, that is exactly it. But it also feels like it's pulling tight where the creaes are.


Thanks & yes Janey, signing up was easy. I love it here & miss it! My skin on my fingers does cut easier, I constantly have fresh slices or slices that don't get to heal because they keep getting recut from the edge of my finger nails on the finger next to a nail...that never used to be a problem. My rheumatologist hasn't seen this raisin thing on my hands, it is a recent thing, I don't see him again until January. It is not from getting wet, it happens no where neaar water or being sweaty or anything.

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