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I went to my Podiatrist because when I wear any shoes (that aren't those rubber sandle ones with holes that we discussed a while back) any shoe that is like a tennis shoe (any shoe that covers your whole foot) makes my feet feel like they're falling asleep & I haven't been able to wear any other shoes. Even if I just wear arch supports in a loose boot, the pressure on my arch causes the same thing.


ANYWAYS....I went to a Podiatrist & he said I need to start over with a new Dr. who can just ask me questions & develop his own ideas without knowing what all has been looked into. He is sending my Primary care Physician a letter recommending that she send me to either Mayo, Cleveland, or UofM to be checked out & get to the bottom of everything. I have secondary Raynauds & Fibromyalgia, my ANA is Neg. Pos/above normal RF.


So, I was wondering if anyone knows of any good Dr.s at any of those places or has any recomendations? Thanks!

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University of Michigan, 3 month wait for one doctor, and 6 to 9 months for another. If you are a severe case you will see both most likely. Good Luck in your search. I don't know where you live to tell you which is the closest.

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