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Does anyone know from the very start of having symptoms to the very end of heart failure does it take for PH to take hold?


Many thanks

Celia :unsure:

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Sweet's right. I have PH and I've asked my doctor about progression. Right now I have mild and I'm not at all anxious to reach moderate or severe. He says it depends on your body and how your react to medications. I would also think it depends on your doctor and how aggressively they treat you. My doctor is treats mild as though I really do have PH, but I know others don't and take a more passive approach.


I did go to a PH talk this weekend and he said something like people are likely to have the condition way before a person becomes symptomatic. Also, the symptoms of PH are not always correctly associated with PH, or simply doctors don't think of it. If a person's short of breath or coughing the doctor may think asthma or allergies or etc. He did say that treatment definitely helps.


Sorry I wrote a lot, but if you're getting good treatment with a good doctor I wouldn't worry too much - but that's just me :D



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