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im wondering if anyone out there has also a family memeber with this conditon and how rare is it, my son of 12 has alopicia areata he's had this condition since the age of 7 ,but shows no signs of limited system sclorosis, as I have been dignosed with. i have also found a first cousin who is terminally ill with this too, my doctor says its rare that close family are dignosed with the same condition,is this true...hugs jaxsx

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Hi Jaxs,

As I understand it, about 2% of the time systemic scleroderma is hereditary; and that is more common in certain families, especially in Choctaws.

Although that means there is a 98% chance that your children will not develop scleroderma, it still puts them at somewhat greater risk for autoimmune symptoms or diseases, in general.

So, alopecia areata might be all that your son ever develops. And, it would be rather uncommon, but not unheard of, for you to also have a cousin with scleroderma, and it would rather likely be due to similar genetics or similar environmental exposures (or both).

You may want to join some of the Scleroderma Registries, particularly those that are studying DNA/Genetics.

For lots more information, please see our page Causes of Scleroderma: Genetics.

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Hi Jaxs,


My mother also has sclero. I have diffuse systemic, and she has limited systemic. ONe of my daughters has vitiligo which is also an auto immune disorder. I think that if the genetic components are in place, it only takes a trigger to set it off. And what that is..............who knows?!


Only 2% eh?.......Guess that makes me rare! lol!

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