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"Welcome! In the more social setting of the Fun and Friendship Forum (formerly known as the Sclero Den), please feel free to share personal news and get to know each other better. Please continue to adhere to all Forum Guidelines."


We hope you enjoy this new forum in which you will be able to let down your hair a little bit and talk about the things in your life that don't necessarily have anything to do with ANAs and Skin scores, but still have an impact on your life.


Please feel free to post freely on any of the forums. Hugs to all.

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Hi Jefa,


This is a wonderful idea of yours, and I am thrilled with the way you have lobbied for it and set it all up!


I know there's times we all just want to gab about personal stuff that just has nothing to do with medical issues. I like it that we can now jabber freely here, when we want.


You've done super, as always, and thanks for creating this cozy Sclero Den for all of us!

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Thanks Jefa!!!!! Great idea. I know I like to go off onto personal stories and get off the medical subject. Now I can do it without the guilt!!! :P


Thanks again! It's nice to learn more about this big group of wonderful people other than just this disease. It's good to know them on a more personal level and to know that there is much more to them. We even make the best of friends here. My family and I even drove to Ga. to meet a friend that I met on these sclero boards, and she just came to Michigan for a weekend at my home. It was fantastic to go shopping with someone who walks as slow as I do! LOL!


Thank you again, and again!

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Thanks for setting up this wonderful extension of the sclero forum for us all to enjoy.


Its nice sometimes to talk about the positive things that help keep us sane, it also a great opportunity to get to know people on a different level.


So a huge thanks and big hugs

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Hi all,


I don't like rules, so this is the place for me!


Newbie, just diagnosed with Limited SD, too many symptoms to list, work full-time, and suffer a lot!


Hope this is a place to find people to talk to who won't be put off by all my icky sclero problems, who will see me as a person. No family lives near me, no husband, no children, my best friend died Oct. 15. I think I've been too much of a workaholic to develop a social network.


Don't want to be a whiner, want to be a winner!


Best regards to all,


Memphis :P

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Hi Penny,


Welcome to Sclero Den! I'm sure you'll find a few friends here. It takes a real effort to develop a social network, doubly so when we are sick. There are so many reasons (and excuses) for it...but many perfectly healthy people let their social life slide into disarray, as well.


It's so helpful to find people who understand or can relate to what we are going through, at least in some areas of our life, or illness. I'm glad you're here!

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Hi, Penny. Let me add my welcome to the Den and the rest of the ISN Sclero Forums. I am sure you will find lots of ways to get involved. I look forward to learning more about you in here and also to hearing about your 'icky symptoms' out in the main forum whenever you need to vent or have a question. Hugs to you.

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Hi Penny and welcome!!


You will absolutely love your new sclero family - it really does feel like family. And the best part is we all really know what each other is going through!


Really looking forward to knowing you better.

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It's hard to believe that this Fun and Friendship subforum has been here over 4 years already. It seems like just yesterday that Jefa developed this nice area for us to just hang out, without always being so "medical" and serious. I have really enjoyed a lot of threads here over the years as it's a way to get to know each other on a more personal level.


:emoticons-line-dance: :emoticons-clap: :thank-you::yes: :terrific:


And to trot all our emoticons out to play, as well!

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