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Hi all, It's just so nice to meet others who have scleroderma.  I just want to rant,  Having awful Saturday, in which fatigue and malaise allowed me to do not one single useful thing.  I have a lot of those days.  Want to pluck my eyebrows out, one by one!!  Husband who works all week (I can only do 2 days now) is stuck doing all the house work, leaving me feeling guilty and useless.  Anyone relate?  People who don't understand fatigue say "Cant you just push through it?" which sounds a lot like "Suck it up:".  No, I can't,  My body is made of marble and I can hardly move,  Doing any little thing is leaving me short of breath,.  You can never predict these days, and maybe tomorrow will be better.  Or not.  I should be grateful that I made it to 63 and some people feel like this much younger.  Just in a mood,. 


Thanks for listening and hope to get to know you all better.,  I have been a trauma psychologist for 30 years so if I can ever help anyone out with resources, please let me know.  Nance HG

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