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Heather, hello! I use (a store bought, brand name) moisture lotion for dry skin with time released mositurizes. Up to 24 hours.


Also my mom gets a lotion from the doctor, she breaks out in a rash when the sun hits her arm, and she scrathes it like crazy. I will ask her what the doctor recommended for her.


Hope this helps, Sam

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I get patches of very itchy skin and find that an aloe vera moisturiser helps.

But what ever I put on I keep having to reapply it frequently until the itchyness has subsided.


I hope things settle quickly for you Heather because it can be so annoying when you itch lots.


Does anyone know what causes this itchyness? Is it a feature of Scleroderma?



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Hi there


I've tried several creams and lotions, and I came across one marketed for pregnant women to use on stretch marks, but if it works for other things :D I don't know if it is available where you live (I'm in Australia) but I found it to be a really good lotion which soothed my itching and really made a dent into the dryness. PM me if you would like the brand name.



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I had eczema-like spots around my mouth and eyes - aggrevated by some of the medications I am taking (esp. CellCept). It was quite sore.


Now, I swear by a lotion set that is plant-oil based, with no petrolium-based ingredients. Also, it has a prelotion serum to neutralize the pH before applying the lotions.


For my face, it helps greatly if I also use the hydrating face wash before the lotions.


I think there are several brands out there that have similar ingredients.


Good Luck,


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hey heather

i had itchy skin last year it lasted for about 6/7 months it was agony, i bathed allday long and throught the nite nothing would stop my itching and still never found nothing, doctors give me a cream for the bath to use as a soap it worked for a couple of hours then back in the bath I went it drove me crazy, i hope you find something soon and maybe give me a tip haha, too I am itch free and hope it stays that way ............diffent things work for different people hope I dont sound negative and hope you find a cure soon have a gd day jaxsxx

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I also use vitamin E. Another natural way is to use vegetable shortening - a doctor years ago told me to use it for 6 weeks & white gloves (obviously hand issue) but it really made a huge impact. Lastly, if it doesn't improve you might want to check with your dr & get your liver enzymes checked. Severe itching can be a sign that something isn't working so good - just in case thought. Hope one of these remedies helps you! :D

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