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This is such an upbeat topic, I love hearing about everyones pets.


Sweet, I'm so sorry to hear about your wee kitten. That leukemia can be very bad and if it's the kind that I think it can spread like wildfire.


At our zoo we have 1 dog, a Westie name Tallulah, 1 cat named Ariel, 2 rescued Guinea Pigs named Pot Pi & Momo, 1 mouse named Duncan, 1 small gupey fish that resides in the downstairs powder room (so the cat doesn't get him), and a pond full of goldfish. On the wild side we have a baby possum that comes to the pond at night to drink and we've named her Blossom, the Awesome Possum. lol


Some of our animals were acquired through our daughter who's just graduated as a Registered Veterinary Technician and I'm sure we'll have more as she can't leave an animal in distress or without a home.

Hugs, Piper

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Wow Pipes I had no idea you had that big of a zoo!!! Loved the pictures of your possum by the way.


You have very unique names, I love them. Especially Tallulah.


Peanut, report back as soon as you know something about Ari. Most likely it's just an adjustment period to your home.

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We should all write a book on Pet Therapy! It looks like we are all including these wonderful animals in our lives because we know how comforting and healing they can be.


I have two wonderful cats and 5 turtles. Even though the turtles don't crawl in your lap, and in reality, just want to be left alone - they are still very fun to watch, feed and feel like we're taking care of them. This weekend was very exciting because I finally found the fifth turtle. I thought she had died with the cold winter, but viola - there she was crawling along the wall. Apparently she has found enough bugs to eat on her own. Of course I never know who's doing all the eating.


Big Hugs,


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Erin, your parrotlet is beautiful (but, please don't tell HIM that...lol)

I am a pet lover, from the word GO, so I love this topic :rolleyes:


My hubby and I adopted a poodle (she's now 10)... in November. Her "mama" passed away, so the grand-daughter put her in the paper for adoption. I am so thankful we are the ones who fell heir to her, as she fits perfectly in our family :rolleyes: In June, we moved in to become caregivers to my 81 yr old mother, who dearly loves "Baby-girl" as much as we do!... A true match :D



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I adore animals and if I had my way we would have even more then what we do. We have two king charles Cavalier spaniels a blenheim and a ruby, they are very affectionate and give lots of love and enjoyment when you need it, 2 cockatiels which love to chat and are very friendly, tropical fish, and an avary of finches. Thats it atm as we lost our seahorses last week so I will be looking at getting something new once I get over that.

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Your house sounds a little like ours...the dogs, birds and fish...oh my! Makes for a very fun house. There is always something going on isn't there!


Sorry about your little sea horse. What were you thinking about for your next saltwater fish? Have you ever heard of a Cow fish? We used to have them. They are pretty social and their lips and horns are so funny. I would love to get another some time.

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hi everyone.

i pheasant hunt in the fall, so of course I have hunting dogs (smile). they're three labs...mother (Lady), father (my best buddy Gunner), and their son Bobby Jack.


i also have a couple of families of squirrels that nest in the trees in my back yard. and lots of beautiful crows. i count them as family, too. i refer to them as my "woodland friends", lol. to my family I'm terribly corny.

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We love our animals it helps give me something to focus on. I grew up on a farm and bought home all sorts of strays from the bush from turtles to rabbits to galahs. Some things never change would still like to bring home every animal in the pet shop except the rats and mice........ewwwwww

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We live in kinda countryside with our two collies. We had a cat, but it ran away and probably got killed by a fox or something, cause we haven't seen him since. But within a few days we're getting a new kitten, oh I love cats. :) I would love to be a cat.

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Since there are so many of us here that love our pets here, i wanted to share a little recipe that my dogs and birds LOVE!

(this is a gluten and dairy free recipe)


1 cup of corn meal

1 cup Red mill all-purpose flour mix (gluten free)

1 tsp zanthum gum

10 drops of Stevia liquid

1 cup of coconut milk

1 tsp salt

1/3 cup apple sauce

1tbsp baking powder

1 large egg lightly beaten

1 tbsp. chopped sunflower seeds

1 tbsp. flax seed

1/2 cup of cooked vegi mix (i use lentals, barley, parsley)


spoon mixture into small muffin tin (do not use baking spray..its not good for birds)


bake at 400 for 15 min.


freeze, or serve within a week...your pets will love you!

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