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Pain And Tight Skin On Hands

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Lately my hands, especially the right, are very stiff. It causes pain up into my wrist if I try to extend my fingers completely out or curl them all the way in, the skin is very tight as well. I've seen some posts talking about hand excercises, what are some them, is there a place on the sight to find them?

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Hey Tammy,

Have you tried paraffin wax treatment? My hands are stiff and weak. Paraffin helps - I'm a fan. Some also use a splint, especially at night. A script for hand PT helps. I have the exercise handouts from my hand PT. If you want I can email them to you.



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Hi Tammy


I know exactly what you mean because I'm finding my right hand has become weaker particulary around the thumb so I don't seem to grip things as easily & it is quite painful & stiff. Also I've noticed that my hands seem to swell quite abit, often they are stiff & swollen in the morning but the swelling settles abit during the day.


Are you right handed? I am & wondering if this is why it seems so much worse in that hand.


I would also like to know about the hand exercises. I have been given little information or help since being diagnosed. My consultant isn't easy to talk to & says little or brushes off my questions as if they're not relevant. I have thankfully only got CREST mild at the moment but easily get out of breath so have to take things a little more steadily. Echocardigram showed some slight stiffening/tightening on the right side but consultant seemed to pass over this but it does scrare me abit.



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These wrist exercises linked on the site are quite good for keeping things stretched out.


Wrist Stretching Exercises Remember, never stretch to the point of pain! Myofascial Pain Therapy Associates


I have thumb pain, too, but it is because of my accompanying inflammatory arthritis. My occupational therapist gave me some thumb supports. They are less constricting than the huge wrist supports and I can even wear them with larger rubber gloves. They are very good when the pain is worse.

Warm wishes,



Carrie Maddoux

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In addition to Jefa's article, here is an article I found on our skin involvement page.


The Efficacy of Self-Administered Stretching for Finger Joint Motion in Japanese Patients with Systemic Sclerosis


The exercise was

Individual fingers were maintained in a stretched position using the opposite hand for 10 seconds and this was repeated 3–10 times.


When my fingers were swollen and stiff and the skin was tightening, I use to do this and it worked wonderfully!


Big Hugs,

Janey Willis

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