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Exercising With Supplemental Oxygen

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I have a prescription from my rheumatologist to use supplemental oxygen at all times. I have a pulse oximeter and I monitor it frequently and even without supplemental oxygen, my oxygen saturation is around 95. I realize the heart and lungs work in conjunction and that my heart may be working harder while not on oxygen, to keep my saturation normal. My dumb question of the week is this...Just how bad is it when I exercise without my oxygen tank? My pulse oximeter reading can stay above 90 when I am exercising, but am I over working my heart by not using the oxygen? If anyone has any knowledge on this please let me know. I think I've become to lax on not using it as often as I am supposed to and maybe need someone to put me back in line.



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Have you asked your pulmonary doctor this question? I would think that a pulmonologist or cardiologist would be the best sources for getting a reliable answer to this.


Now I have a question for you - Why were you prescribed oxygen 24/7 if your O2 sat doesn't fall below 90? I ask because a recent evaluation by my pulmonary doctor said that since my O2 sat dropped below 90 when walking, I could qualify for oxygen. I told her I would just slow down and see how the Bosentan works. Next week she's going to send me home with a monitor to record my O2 sat while I'm sleeping. She said that O2 sat during sleep sometimes simiulates O2 sat during exercise. I found that quite interesting. Has your O2 been monitored during sleep?


Please ask a doctor your question and let us know what you find out.


Big Hugs,

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