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Ok, I finally get to have an endoscopy. I would ignore the posts before because I never needed one.

So all you veterans, what can I expect? what exactly are they looking for? And can I drive myself home?

Thanks for all your help


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Beverl, In my case, I was given an anesthetic that put me to sleep during the test. The doctor always says to bring someone else that will drive. The after care list says not to drive for at least 24 hours after the test due to possible drowsiness. As far as the test itself, it's one of the easier ones. They will be looking for any irritation to the esophogus, ulcers, etc. Good luck to you.


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hi beverly,

nothing to worry about with an upper GI endoscopy. you have to fast for 12 hours before, then usually get a light anesthesia ( short acting also) such as Versed . this causes relaxation and that wonderful state of not giving a hoot what is happening. like having a wonderful nap. yes, you will need a designated driver. you will be able to walk but a little wobbly and goofy. they will sometimes use a local anesthetic spray on the back of your throat ( tastes bad) so you won't have a gag reflex as the endoscope is passed. i have had two scopings and consider it a good excuse to nap all afternoon. no pain either.

good luck,


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Hi Beverly. I just had this about a month ago and it really was one of the easiest tests I have had so far. When I had mine done I was knocked out to have it. I think the whole test lasted 15 mins from start to finish. I never even had a sore throat after. I am sure you will do fine. Let us know how you make out and what your results are.



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Hey, Beverly and everyone, me too. I have mine scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving (a nice distraction from worrying about flaky pastry on the pumpkin pies). My GI thinks there are already strictures so he is going to dilate those at the same time. Also got a scrip for Reglan. He said to take it even if I skip a meal, so that answers somebody else's question.


It was great to read the positive experiences. This forum is really supportive and helpful. Now I'm looking forward to the nice nap. Hope you are too.



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