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What Is/was Your Job/career?

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Hi. I started working in a factory that made what the dentist uses to numb your mouth. I cannot remember what it was called, however. I was 16 and got up one morning with 2 black and swollen eyes. Where I worked the manager said they had only ever seen 1 other person with this that worked there and it was a allergy reaction to the medication I was testing. From there on I left and did various jobs and continued to get more severe reactions to medications. In the last 20 years I have been a carer in the community and then went to work in residential as a senior and NVQ assessor, as well as health and safety training, infection control, etc.



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I graduated with a BS in Elementary Education in 1989. But only taught as a sub in Elementary and High School. I hated the High School kids. Actually it was the principal who didn't do his job.


I moved to Florida for 3 years and I worked in a maximum security prison. Wasn't bad at all!!!


After moving back to Indiana, I became a Child Protection Case Manager. I did this for 13 years. Right now I am off on long term disability to see if I can go back to work after completing my chemotherapy...

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Me I was a carer. Home care for the elderly and mental health.

Done day centres for learning disk and older folk and support working

and agency work who sent me every where. All sorts of care.


I left in Feb 07 as my flare up came on very quickley. I was diagnosis Slc overlap with rheumatoid arthritis but very mobile on Mtx (methotrexate).



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Got a B.Sc. in Chemistry, started off in R&D at a steel mill, went through Metallurgy, Purchasing, and finally now in Materials Management. My maternity leaves kind of sent me off to various departments, because when I'd get back the old department always had gone through changes where they didn't have a position for me anymore.

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I am also a registered nurse since 1987. I worked about 10 years as an Orthopedic nurse, first 2 years in a hospital, then next 8 years for an Orthopedic surgeon in his office. I crossed over into home health care, first did it part-time while I was still working in the surgeons office, then left office nursing and stayed in home health care until I had to stop working due to my decline in my health from my CREST in 2004. in 2004 I applied for social security disabilty and was approved after first applying 5 months later. I am much more stable over past 2 years, but with the severe chronic fatigue have not returned to work. Patty

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My teaching career is now over after being given Ill Health retirement a year ago.


I didn't want to vegetate so began doing Tai Chi twice a week and have also done a beginners photography course and have just started an intermediate one. I'm also trying to get to grips with some embroidery software so that I can make up my own designs.



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