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What Is The Significance Of Your Screen Name?

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Im late coming on board with this one. Im loving all these cool places to get to know you all. My real name is Sue. I wanted it as my screen name, but it came back as already being used. One of my sisters, Rose, calls me Susannah when I call her Rosemary, its just one of those silly sister things and I like it, so thought it was a nice name to use and everytime I use it, it reminds me of my dear sis who is far away from me at the moment.

Susannah x

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My screen name is rather simple although I have been asked questions like, "Do I not like vowels". lol Mine is Ms for MS. then CHT which are my initials. It is simple and I use this name everywhere I go on several other sites.


Glad I found my way in here.


Cynthia in bama

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Well, I'm another late comer to this thread :P My husband gave me the screen name "relicmom1". He is an avid collector of Indian relics and fossils and when we got our first computer many years ago, he set up everybody's screen name. He's "relicboy" My kids were like 6 & 10 at the time and they were "relicboy1" and "relicgirl". The kids of course have changed theirs, but he and I have kept ours all these years. I just use this one on everthing that requires a user name because of my "brain fog" issues with memory :rolleyes: Before we had kids (or BC as we call it around here-before children :lol: ) we had doggies and back then he always called me either "mamma dog" or "mamma rabbit"

Peace :)

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I guess I'm not creative enough to think of something :unsure: - so I just used my name. Cheri. It would be more fun to think of something else - it was really fun to read how everybody came up with their screen name.


I guess if I would have been creative I could have used Moo. My son always calls me moo - He used to call me Momasons from the time he was really little. Guess when he got older it was too much to say so he shortened it to Moo - I love it! He's almost 40. :)



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Hey Cheri,


I Like Moo! It's not too late to change your screen name. Jen went to Tangelo because she was always referring to her Telangiectasia as looking like the color of a Tangelo. Some of us have shortened it to Tangie or Tange. I like it. :)


Moo is cute. Use it :D



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mando621 - mando for mandolin. I had to stop playing mandolin after I hurt my shoulder. I just had shoulder surgery, typing one handed here. 6-21 my birthday. I can't wait until I can get back to playing again. I hope I'll be able to get back to my fiddle playing once my shoulder is back to full strength. I play Irish music. I also like to bake and I enter the Milwaukee Irish Fest baking contest. I usually win something in every baking contest I enter. I recently won a prize for a recipe I entered online, for a simple cheese cake - instant kind.


My kids say that my interest in Irish music is my new mid-life fad.

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How lovely. I am also a big fan of Celtic music (Irish and Scots) and love all the various pipes and stringed instruments. I am also a fan of classical guitar music, though a couple of years of lessons and all the practice in the world could not substitute for musical talent, I'm afraid. :unsure:

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