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Can You Wear Sleeves!

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I have a major problem with wearing sleeves, well all clothes really.

Does anyone else find that wearing long sleeves is really irritaing? :(

My arms are really itchy most of the time but now that autumn/winter is arriving the problem of wearing sleeves is going to be a real pain, I also find that when the central heating goes on the itching gets much worse so I have bought a humidifier in the hope that it might alleviate matters.

I take antihistimanes and painkillers for neuropathy as well as using all sorts of creams and potions lol.

Does anyone have any ideas or solutions that could help or do I really have to be sleeveless and cold all winter <_<


Warm wishes

Scottish Vee

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I am actually looking forward to the cooler weather so I can wear my long sleeves again. It makes a difference to me what fabric the sleeves are made of and I can wear the ones with a synthetic fibre that has a tiny bit of stretch to it. These are easier to wash - the detergents rinse out better and they dry on a hanger with no need to press. I have had trouble with cottons and cotton blends which seem to hang on to the soaps and need a double rinse. The humidifier may help. Also drink lots of water as you can humidify from the inside, too. I personally can't stand to put creams on my arms and legs (the only things that really itch). I have found it easier to use them in the shower while I am still wet, then most of it comes off in drying. Don't use hot water as it will remove more of your natural oils.

Warm wishes,



Carrie Maddoux

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Hi Vee


When I first got scleroderma I was very itchy and could only stand to have very soft material touching my arms. Then my rheumatologist put me on high doses of prednisone which took away all the itching and tender skin....but the side effects of the drug were horrible. Now he has weaned me down to 5mg and the itching has come back big time and also the tender skin. I also take antihistamines and use lots of cream but it doesn't seem to help. I just make sure everything I wear is really soft material....even my sheets and pillowcases have to be soft. When I'm on the computer I have to rest my arm on a soft folded pillowcase...my forearms are the worst.

I probably haven't been much help but hopefully someone else might have some ideas....I could sure use some too, this itching is driving me crazy.

Luckily we are coming into summer here in Australia so I can get the short sleeves out.



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Are you using any lotions, soaps, detergents or body washes with fragrances? These may also contribute to skin irritation.




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Fabric on my arm makes me climb the walls from the irritation. In addition, where three calcium spots had erupted, has left several circles of scabbing which have become an add to the irritant. I do tend to wear a velor company jacket for warmth and hiding of my arm. Some I have confided in, but the others, I'm still able to hide symptoms. They know something is wrong, but just don't know what. My boss now calls me "socks" and "gimpy" because of my white socks and limping. I don't mind, as he has no idea and is just being playful. Actually makes me feel better when he teases. Another employee playfully announced that next time it was "white socks" day, please send an email and advise all employees. I think she secretly knows my illness and is just making me feel comfortable. I have found a lot of comfort in friends and co-workers who are aware, as compared to my family who know and run. I guess distance of close ties plays a large part in compassion as there are able to accept unconditionally. Still the warmth of family would greatly be welcomed.



It is what it is...........

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Hi- I had that same problem at first. Going on anti-histamines and using Eucerin lotion helped. But what helped a lot- I cut the feet off of old soft stretchy knee-high socks, and pulled them up my arm like a long glove. Then, when I put a shirt on, I could not feel the material grazing my skin, as they were encased in soft stockings! Hope that helps. Shirl.

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