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Ok I Know Stress Makes It Worse On Us...

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I'm hoping the advice of some of the others has been helpful to you. Something that I find helpful is to acknowledge that I do feel really stressed and crummy and overwhelmed and that it is ok.


Then after my pity party is over (it usually does go away because if nothing else it gets boring) I try to think of things that I have to be grateful for. Or I make a list of things that are not so good in my life and things that are good in my life. The positive things always put me in a better mood.


I hope you find yourself doing better. When you are up to it, let us know how you are doing.


xoxo emmie

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Well I'm not as stressed as I was, the educational meeting I had is done and over with and went very well. We are taking our time unpacking and still moving things to my parents house. My son is calmed down they gave him soe prozac to help him todeal what he is dealing with. I think that was what part of myproblem was I was out of my prozac and I was jsut getting overwhelmed. But this pain in my left arm is getting worse. I was having PT done but it was making it worse. So our next step is an MRI but this morning I am calling to see if I can get soemthing for the pain., Celebrex isnt helping at all. Well thanks for your kind words, I did take them to heart. Take care, SAm

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