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Colic- Any Advice?

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Hi everyone, I've been very miserable and grumpy the last couple of days (as poor long suffering husband will testify!) because yet again have got lower abdominal colic, seems to be coming a more frequent occurrence as have had for a few days it on three occasions in the last six weeks Getting nasty cramps, like you get with an attack of diarrhoea, feels like I need to run to the loo but I don't have diarrhoea. I can't concentrate on conversation, work, driving when the spasms occur. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem and if so do they have any advice about dealing with it?


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Hi Lizzie ,


Do you think it could be Lactose intolerance....dairy products? That can come on at any time in your life. Also, because my son is lactose intolerant, the GI doctor recommended Acidophillus supplements daily....you buy them OTC. Also.....celiac disease can cause intestinal cramping. Just a couple of non-sclero suggestions.


Take care, Everyone.


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Hi Lizzie,

I can get those nasty cramps also, mine get so bad that I feel at times as though I am going to vomit. I think I know what causes mine though, I have noticed that when I eat good wholesome food, fruit, vegies and so forth , I don't get any discomfort. It's when I eat junk food or lots of carbohydrates, cakes and stuff that I really suffer the next day.


Try changing your diet if it is not so good and see how you feel in a weeks time, it might be worthwhile.


Take care

Celia :unsure:

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