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2 Grams Of Antibiotics Prior To Dental Work?

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I just received an RX for Amoxicillan for my next dental procedure. The Rx says to take 2 grams (4 pills) one hour prior to the procedure. I've never had to do this before. It seems weird to take only 4 and not continue the round.

Your thoughts?


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I do before dental work, operations, etc. due to mitro valve prolapse supposedly diagnosed years before. They say the echo cardiogram showed everything is now fin and now I'm told it's not needed, but I continue to do so just in case.



It is what it is...........

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Hi Jennifer, my husband had to take Antibiotics before one of his Dental Procedures. I think if you have an illness or your body is run down, they like to protect your body by giving it that jolt of Antibiotics. I believe it is just for Surgical Procedures. Good luck.


Jackie S.

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Hi Jen ,


Gareth and I have to take Amoxicillen before dental exams because of Mitral valve prolapses. I should say, we use to. This year the ADA came out with notices saying that if it's *only* for mitral valve prolapses, that you didn't need the Amoxicillen. It was up to the patient and the dentist. We had to take the four horse tablets....1000 mg. All I can say is make sure you eat something before taking them pills...they tore up my stomach and I am nauseated shortly after. By the time I get through with the dentist, I am ready to barf!!!


Take care, Everyone.


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