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It Makes Me So Mad...

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Twice now , in so many months I have bought printer ink, only to get home and discover that some thief has cleverly stolen the ink cartridge and replaced it with something then returned to the store. So, now, I'll have to take it back and probably have to argue with some one to get a replacement like I had to the last time.




Thank you,


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Oh that would make me mad too. Its not cheap!! I would start opening it at the store checkout b4 even paying for it!




If Life hands you lemons, make lemonade.


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That's happened to me before with other products. It is so frustrating! So now I make it a rule, that if the box isn't factory sealed, I don't buy it. The retailer will use tape, so any sign of tape and it's back on the shelf.


Big Hugs,


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