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Vee, you're so funny. I totally wanted to do the what? joke too


Sheryl, I know how you feel about eek! making another dr. appt. I have so many right now and to find an ENT specialist...


I've been really proactive about all my symptoms but now I'm getting tired. My hearing is sometimes muffled if the person isn't facing me. I suppose I should get it checked out so it can be monitored and create a baseline, etc... but I'm just so tired right now.



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Okay, so has anyone experienced a hypersensivity to sounds? Even though I think I may have some partial hearing loss in my left ear, I have times when any/all sounds drives me crazy!


Everything is SO grading like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. I have to send the kids outside and turn off all noise to regain some sanity. Maybe it's just an over stressed mom thing?



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Oh man, I'm with ya' on that one too!!! I thought it was just me being impatient wtih my kids, but my youngest one especially has a higher pitch to her voice and if she raises it just right, it's like she has a bull horn right up to my ear! Stange how we can't hear some sounds and others are way toooo loud.


Sheryl, I'm with ya' on the eeeeeekkkkkks!!!! Another doctor!! I've been thinkin' of getting my nodules taken off my vocal chords. I think I told you that when I saw you last Saturday. But I feel the same. Not another doctor!! I haven't finished with my knee fiasco yet. Will it ever be done? Always something. It's a good thing I haven't won the lottery, I'd have doctor appt.s booked for the next 10 years for plastic surgeons alone!!!!! B) Hmmmmmmmmm.........I think I'm getting addicted to doctor's offices? Any remedy for that?

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I must not have HEARD about the vocal cord surgery. But, I can learn more on our visit next Thursday and we can talk about our addiction to Doctor's at the same time.

Sometimes I think about making a dermatologist apt. For the scratching.

Or maybe an algerist would be the better option.

Lactose problem is a maybe? Make flu shot apts. Oh! don't for get mamo apts and gynocologist apts. Regular doctor, Rheumy apt. and Pulmonary apts. Humm! Oh! Don't forget our dentist. I guess if you sat back and thought about it you would truly think. I'm addicted. Every doctor at least 2 times a year. Wow! Guess I better start making apointments. Oh! I made mine for my optomitrist and ear specialist. Lets not forget them. EEEEEEEEEEccccccccccckkkkkkkkk!

I am thinking of everyone else right now. Evough is enough. Sheryl

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Hello everyone, I was wondering what your symptoms were before you started having hearing problems. I have bad itching in my right ear and also a very weird sensation. I can't describe it, it is almost like pressure, I also get pain inside my ear and it goes down into my jaw. Thanks



Jackie S.

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Hi, Jackie. Your description sounds almost exactly what I have. Both of my ears tend to itch or burn (the shaped part, not the inside) and I also feel pressure. The joint of my right jaw has recently begun to hurt as well. I can't open my mouth very far without it hurting. Hubby says the solution is not to open up my mouth. ;)


I also have occasional tinnitus, but I don't seem to have any hearing difficulty.

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Hi guy's


Well have I opened a can of worms here ah lol.


Well I had what started as an ear infection back in April, until then I could never understand when parents said their children pull their ears when they hurt. Thats exactly what I kept doing, felt like they needed popping, the left was the worst and most painful, sometimes I would get a high pitched sound other times they would just feel like closing up. I had soo many antibiotics and stuff but nothing helped, I have always had problems with cold going to ears and stuff but nothing that had ever lasted this long. My general practitioner referred me to the ENT dept, but unfortunately on the day were they were running so late the audiology equipment had closed, so managed to get in Monday just gone. I filled outh this questionare about areas I was having difficaulty and stuff and I got so upset when she said what she thought I was having trouble with, because I new then I wasn't going mad. It was explained very well and like so many have described sometimes no matter how loud you have the tv if the talker is taking in a tone that your hearing can't relate to the words become muffled, you know they are talking but just can't understand what they are saying. She said have you had comments where people question why you couldn't hear what they just said but you understood someone else, I said yes again got upset, this was described again as imagining words made up of tones on different levels some of which the ears can understand and others they can't, made sense. She felt that in the areas where I am struggling I.e tv, telephone and rooms where more than one conversation is being held may help but to balance with one in each ear - i'm on 35 what! I hear you say lol. You know the strange thing is since I put this post on how many folks have said its the left ear that it starting in? have we hit on something hear lol



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Some may want to try internet searches on "hearing hyperacusis" and "hearing recruitment". These are conditions that can involve hearing loss, tinnitus and lower level of sound causing pain.


As for having difficulty understanding certain speech: I have a high frequency hearing loss and have this difficulty. I am convinced that this is because much of what differentiates spoken sound is in the higher frequencies. Take the word "speak" as an example: The "s", "p" and "k" sounds are all rather high pitched. To those of us with a high frequency hearing loss (one of the most common), the word sounds slurred, almost like "ea", or even just a short "i" sound, since the long "e" is rather high pitched. Add a slight bit of slurring, or a nasal voice, and it's hopeless.

An example of nasality would be (if I'm allowed to use particular people) is the character of Karen on the Will & Grace TV show (Megan Mullaly). I cannot understand her even with the TV turned painfully loud. To the contrary, people who speak with strong or exagerrated pronunciation are easy to hear - even at a whisper.


Severe tinnitus makes it worse, since it tends to drown out sounds at the same freqency, which is usually high.


As for children - I've always noticed that parents tend to become deaf to the racket of children, as many become deaf to a nagging or complaining spouse!



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