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i spend a lot of time in bed either feeling pretty missrable or in a lot of pain, and at times I just can't get out of bed , my kids and granddaughter now come in and we have daily meetings on my bed :rolleyes: , they even bring there pals some days and they all sit natter tell me about there days and that keep me going, there so young and anegetic , i have 5 kids from 24 to 12 GD 3, and they have lots of friends....im so grateful that I have that and havent really thought of it befor,i can laugh I can joke, i can see I can hear, i can feel, i can make others happy , make them smile and laugh I can walk, i can think for my self I even can cook at times , so im feeling a very lucky person today, :P im even thankful for the sun in the sky or the rain that falls ...... :D :D :D thanks for listening hugs and lots of warmth from jaxsxxxxxxx

live life for today and not for tomorrow


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jaxs, your thread caught my eye... as a matter of fact, it made my heart soar.

you sound like a lady who takes each day as it comes, accept what is given you and can share the best of yourself with any little people who choose to be near you... How special you are!


Big Cyber Hugs to you!


Special Hugs,


Susie Kraft

ISN Support Specialist

ISN Chat Host

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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