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Hi All,


As you know, I have been job hunting. Now I am having second thoughts about my ability to work outside the home.


I still battle fatigue regularly (good days and bad days) and am having ongoing GI problems and mild dizziness and nausea daily. I see myself calling in sick a lot. I see myself in a face to face with a client and having to rush off to the bathroom without explanation and staying in there for the next 20 minutes. I don't know many employers who would put up with that. I couldn't put up with that from me as an employee.


Before my diagnosis, I was always the employee who gave 120%. Now I don't see myself giving much more than 70% all things considered. When I'm feeling good, I would push myself too much for an employer. When I worked, I was always trying to prove myself and impress to boss.


I'm thinking I need to be my own boss now. I have a few ideas and wanted to bounce them off you guys and see if anyone has any experience with them. Also I wanted to get your input on any new ideas for working from home that I have not thought of.


I have thought about:


*childcare (first choice but hard time finding kids)

*medical transcription

*notary (as supplimental income)

*secret shopper (sounds fun!)


Any replies are very much appreciated!





Take care,



Serena Justis

ISN Blogger

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Hi Barefut, working from home sounds a good idea, I have been 'off sick' today because of GI problems (yet again) as no way that I could drive or do any meaningful work as having to rush to the loo every five minutes!- not sure the boss will be thrilled as am also 'off sick' in hospital for most of next week for Iloprost top up. Think the secret shopper idea does sound fun or even better, personal shopper as spending someone elses money would be such a joy. The one suggestion I have is proof reading. I don't know what the situation is like in the US but here you can do a distance learning course and then work from home as a proof reader for publishers etc. Could possibly get a bit tedious if did too many hours in a week but at least you can pace your work and I don't think the pay is too bad either. Hope you find something to suit you


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hey barefut,

try looking into pet sitting or house sitting jobs.

my mom works for a company that sends her out 4 hours at a time to help elderly people. my mom really likes it because it's usually light cleaning, walking and talking with them, maybe going to starbucks and even movies. her client paid her ticket too. my mom really likes it because it's fairly easy and flexible.


you could always start up mouth stretching exercise classes. he he



You can deprive the body but the soul needs chocolate

my HMO makes me wear a helmet...

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My position would allow me to work from home a good part of the time, but I feel the evil eye and disapprovalment when the subject or incident arises, as if maybe I'm not at the computer. Where I'm gonna go?



It is what it is...........

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