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Endoscopy, Oh Joy!

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Hi, I found out today I need to have my first endoscopy. I read some other posts but have a few questions:

1. Is there any prep needed?

2. Are there any after effects?


I hate procedures where they put me out! I react with an elevated heart rate and vomiting (even with the twilight meds). Yuck! So I just want to be prepared. Also, is there down time after? Do I need to take time off work?

I'm not really worried about the outcome. My symptoms are mild, but because I still have reflux even with meds, plus seem to have asthma associated with the reflux, they want to check it out. Just another thing to add to the mounting medical bills! :)

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Hi Bunky,


I take it that you will be having a Gastroscopy, that is when they insert an endoscope (a small camera) into your mouth, down into your esophagus and stomach.


I don't think their is much preparation required, only fast at midnight the night before. If I am wrong could someone please pipe in.


Before you have the procedure you are given sedation I think with an I.V, the procedure usually doesn't take very long. You may have a sore throat afterwards, which will go in time.


You need someone to drive you home afterwards, as you can't/shouldn't drive for 24 hours afterwards, due to you having sedation.


You should be fine to go to work the next day or the day after.


I hope I have answered your questions and allieviated any concerns that you may have.


Take care


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Bunky, No prep needed. You don't even need any medication if you choose not to. Usually they give you something similar to twilight, I for get what it is called. Very mild medication. They gave it to me only because I had a bad gagging spell trying to swallow the tubing. Next time I will have them wait a couple minutes longer. I always have the gag reflex but they didn't know that. Mine test took about 45 minutes. I was wheeled out drank a glass of orange juice and left to go out to breakfast. They do want you to rest most of the day. Do light work nothing taxing. You could go back to work if you relax at a desk the rest of the day. Everyone is different. Depends if they have to stretch your esophagus or do several biopsys. You might have a raw feeling in your throat. I will be thinking about you. Lots of liquids and soup is always good the first day. Sheryl

Strength and Warmth,



Sheryl Doom

ISN Support Specialist

(Retired) ISN Chat Moderator

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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hi.. celia gave you a pretty accurate description. i remember the iv, being wheeled in and waking up. you'll definately need a driver. if you book your appointment in the morning then you just don't eat after 9 am and no break fast... it's a lot better than afternoon appointments where you have to fast the whole rest of the day. i couldn't even have any water...


no worries. you will be fine...


You can deprive the body but the soul needs chocolate

my HMO makes me wear a helmet...

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I'm having my second EGD tomorrow. Celia gave you good info. I can't eat or drink anything after midnight. My test isn't until 2:00p.m. I have to be at the hospital at 12:30 for the prep (questions and I.V.,etc) The only thing I dread is that I have full dentures, top and bottom, and they have to come out for the test! How embarrasing, a naked mouth!! LOL LOL

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Thank you all for responding. It really helps to have this forum where all my questions can be answered. I really appreciate all of you!

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